Any babies get a rash after swimming?

Hello! My little girl is 9 weeks old and over the last few weeks she has had a rash on her face and neck. It started off looking like a heat rash but now it looks quite sore and her ears are crusty and peeling. Not sure if its from swimming? Have just been cleaning her face with warm water only but this doesn't seem to help. Wondering if I should use E45?? Help!

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  • The best advise i could give you would be to book an appointment to see your family G.P A.S.A.P.

    It could probably be nothing much to worry about but its better to be safe than sorry.

    My nephew had a simular skin condition when he was born "last year" & it just turned out to be his sensitive skin having a flare-up due to a baby body wash formula.

  • As It's the wkd I'd pop to see the chemist they could prescribe some oilatum is an emollient u can put in the bath and let her have a soak in... also could get some cetraban is a brilliant cream moisturiser... my children suffer from excema and this is what I use to put on their skin. .. the dr could prescribe it free of charge... just using water dries their skin out and for me personally e45 used to burn my skin.... but def ask the pharmacist as baby is young to make sureu can use it xx

  • Ps I never use bubble bath it can irritate their skin more if it's already inflamed. ..hope u get it sorted xx

  • Thanks ladies. We don't use anything in the bath and only bath her every other day so we don't dry her out. Will go to the pharmacist and ask what's best. Thank you x

  • My daughter developed a rash around 9 weeks old took her to GP said it was baby eczema prescribed doublebase cream worked wonders cleared up within a week. When I used e45 seemed to make it worse. She is now 19weeks old use the cream on her face once in the morning and once before bedtime hasn't flared up since.

  • Yeah I don't want to mess around with different creams until a HV/GP has seen it. I've put some olive oil on her ears and that seems to have helped. Just need something for her face so will take her to the GP tomorrow

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