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Stressed out

Hi ladies.just wondering if baby can feel that mummy is very stressed out?she hasnt been kicking as usual since yesterday...:( i'm going hospital now to be checked out.will i have to be long over there?i've only seen midwife yesterday and baby was active.she's lying back to back like my son so natural birth would b a that why i cant feel her much?i got some bad news and i was crying all night so not sure if that could upset my baby dad was in accident.he's ok but the other lady not that good.she came out of nowhere...i cant even go and see him as he lives abroad and i'm 32weeks now so no chance of flying...:( its so hard not being able to be with your family when they could do with support.:(

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ah hun feel for you. I cant really help in terms of advice but really hope things are all ok and think you are definitely doing the right thing by going to the hospital to check things out xxxx


Oh Hun feel for you baby will be can travel but need a drs letter saying you are fit to fly...I flew when I was pregnant with my 3rd...although I did start to have contractions but I did also with his sister at 32 weeks so think it was down to that! Glad he is ok no harm in gettin checked over and to put your mind at rest, hope your feeling a bit better today x


oh! thats sad - I had a bad news of my grand-dad passing away recently too - and I was very disturbed (although we knew it was the end as he was 93 years). I could feel the baby being restless and moving a lot (my mum was trying to calm me down telling me that i would else stress the baby too). Her restless kicking and moving was making me cry even more. :(

but we went for a scan (which was planned anyway for that weekend) and found she was doing well - although certainly looked tired - she dint open her eyes all the 45 minutes and infact frowned cutely when sonographer pressed her button nose. But watching her in 3D made me feel so much more better and relaxed in my mind :)

Its sad that in situations like these we cant really fly and be with the loved ones (I was already week 34 when the sad news came from my family). But there is just little we can do - but we can surely care a lot for the little one who would be in the world soon.

Dont worry everything would be fine - stress less :)


Thank you ladies for your kind words.i really appreciate was playing games with soon as i got in the hospital she started doing her usual movements so i didnt have to stay.but i'm glad i went for my dad ...i can just imagine how he must feel.he's already had two heart attacks :( the worse thing there was no wittnesses apart from my parents and sister and that doesnt he could be in a big trouble.i feel so sorry for him as he never even got the ticket in 40years of his driving,never crashed or had any accidents.i know i should calm down but its so hard...i'm trying to focus on my baby and my son but there is always that thought in my head that he may go to prison...all he did was reversed his car and this lady came out from nowehere but b'cos he hit her,she ended up on the zebra crossing....i know we'll have to wait and see....

I wish life was much easier but it seems like there are obstacles everywhere...i know it was my choice to live here but i didnt think 12years ago as i was younger i cant move out as my partner is from here,our son goes to school here,his life is here,and mine too...i'm feeling sorry for myself now :( need to stop thinking too much .

I'm really sorry ritz21 about the loss of your matter how old he was it was still shocking and so upsetting for you.all you wanna do is be there with the rest of your family...i couldnt get tickets quick enough to say goodbye to my nan as she was burried three days after she passed.but i prayed for her and i know she'd understand...

Your grandad would as well hun xx

Thank you again to all of you.i feel bit better now after writing this xx


Oh bless you. What an awful thing to happen:-( really hope all works out quickly hun. Thinking about all involved xx


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