Need advice.. Keep fainting and feeling very strange tonight

Need advice... I am 16+6 weeks pregnant and have had episodes of fainting and dizziness. The first time I fainted I was put to a&e and they said it is a common thing in pregnancy. But since then have had quite a few more episodes which I can usually solve by sitting down and having something to eat and drink. I woke up this morning feeling very funny - felt like someone had beaten me up!! My whole rib cage is aching and very painful when I move as is my legs, arm and jaw. I've never had this in my pregnancy. I also have been lying on the couch for the last hour and haven't moved but feel like I'm going to pass out. Have just had my dinner so have had something to eat etc.. I am really starting to panic. Should I contact NHS 24? Or has anyone had this before and it's been normal?

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Try not to panic too much as I'm just passed 20wks pregnant & im also been experiencing symptoms of breathlessness & fainting.

Its sounds as if you could be short of iron & possibly occassion high blood pressure

I havent physically passed out but i'll be ringing my G.p in the morning as i think it could be a shortage of iron levels in my blood & possible high blood pressure too.

Your definetely not alone. If getting a G.p appointment is a bit tricky for you try ringing your Community midwife & ask her advise.


Hi hun . Poor you. Your obviously not feeling one of your 'normal episodes' 'id give nhs direct a call and just see what they say. Better to ask than not know and worry xxx

I Would always get checked out no harm in giving them a call... ur labour Ward that is when in doubt check it out threats my motto x

That's my motto! X

Get checked out but sounds like ur irons low x

Sounds like low blood pressure plus iron deficiency best to get yourself checked out.x

For my first 16 weeks I fainted almost everytime I got up it's miserable.. it's often due to low blood pressure. It's really important to drink plenty. However the pain id say is unusual id go to gp if u can make it there. U may just have a bug. I caught nasty flu at around 18 weeks and felt like id been beaten up to!

Have you had an app with the midwife to check your blood pressure etc? I would make an app if I was you.

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