Are angry out bursts normal?

hey every one, im having a really hard time dealing with my emotions the last couple weeks. i have really angry out bursts then start crying because i feel so bad about them, i dont have support from any one but my boyfriend (babys dad), so he gets all the emotional mood swings and the full blow of the angry out bursts even if they have nothing to do with him and its causing some major problems between us, what can i do to cope with my emotions and maybe help him understand that its not him doing something wrong?


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  • Ur pregnant is what happens tell him ur sorry when u calm down and explain is ur hormones being all over the place and he has to bear with u... is horrible whenu feel like that but so normal! You are not alone I've only just started feeling better not so hormonal and I'm 22 weeks x

  • Oh bless you-you poor thing, how many weeks are you? Unfortunately being emotional is part and parcel with pregnancy but it does get better Xxx

  • Yes, it is 'normal' although I've been lucky so far that I've not had any pregnancy symptoms. In fact if it wasn't for my growing belly, I wouldn't know I was pregnant (or maybe I've just been eating too much ..... :p )

    I do remember the midwife at my booking appointment saying that should I start feeling low or have extreme emotions then to let them know. It might be worth mentioning it to your midwife? It might help to talk about it to someone who is impartial. x

  • Yes it is normal. I went to a wedding last week with my husband and 2 children. I went to change my little ones nappy and I went back to the table and my drink had been cleared away and I went nuts at my husband for letting them take it as he was just sat right by it. I am never normally an angry or aggressive person but I could have decked him just over a drink, it is silly. I apologised and said it was my hormones and he got me another drink, all sorted.

  • im going on 14 or 15 weeks and before i got pregnant i had really bad emotional problems but i was able to control them and deal with them in positive ways and now i cant control them and they are all over the scale and worse then normal. i have a doctors appointment today and i am going to talk to my doctor about them but i have a hard time talking about them without crying. when i try to talk to my boyfriend about it just being hormones he just says thats your excuse for everything and it shocks me... and i just want to hit him for saying that because i know i cant control it as much as i want to control them i cant and im praying my doctor can give me some advice on how to cope with everything in a positive way and to not be so hard on myself.

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