Aaaarrrrrh! It's a Girl!!

Hi ladies,

Just had my 20 wk / anomaly scan today & as the midwife was going around the body of the baby, checking heart vessels were beating accurately & the structure of the head, body & so on..... she firstly said to me " oh your bladders full Isn't it" I was always under the impression most if not all sonographer's liked a full bladder as it gives them a firmer uterus to work on. So because of this the midwife says I'll let you empty your bladder & come straight back in as she's finding it a Lil' difficult to see a clear picture of all the limbs ( so I thought fair enough it was good practice anyway hey!)

So to my relief I went to the toilet & went straight back into the scan room to continue. As the midwife finally gets down to the genital area she pauses for a couple of seconds then says it looks like a girl as the area has represented a Lil line with " 3 sort of marked dots around it"

I immediately took a large sigh of relief, & she could definitely tell I was more than delighted with the big grin on my face.

I did have certain feelings before now ( due to some of my eating habits & cravings), But it just felt so good to hear her say. I cant wait for my son to meet his Lil sister now " these next 4 & a half months could not come any quicker"

I've promised my other half & family members I wont go too crazy with the buying of clothes & accessories but this has just made my day completely ( I think I may need to stay away from my P.C for the rest of the day though LOL) as I love on-line shopping!!

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Congratulations to you, that's awesome news :) We are gender neutral here, Bday is surprise day xx

Congrats xx

Massive congrats!! I'm impressed with your will power if you manage to resist buying lots of pink things!

I've got my 20 week scan on Monday and can't wait! Although again we are waiting for a surprise on B-day.

Roll on November hey :-)


It's going to take alot of will-power "trust me" but i think i can do it this time around.


Whoop congratulations abenaa :-) I'm really made up you'll have one of each sex. You'll love having a girl but the buying clothes and girls things never ever stop and I love that. :-) my little girl is my princess so sweet and caring. Orh well done Hun. Xxx

Thanks, :-) as well as all the lovely dresses out there i just cant wait to see the reaction & love on her brother's face when i take her home.

Congratulations :-) a beautiful baby girl xx

Congratulations hun!!!i've already gone crazy and spent a fortune for my baby girl.too many nice things out there xx

Ah yeaaay congratulations.

Waiting with a full bladder is not the nicest of situations, I was bursting for the loo and they asked me to empty half of my bladder, it was torture.

Get on the internet and buy buy buy or just cut your card up.

Congratulations, that's lovely news. Just spend!!!! I would! Lol xx

Thanks for all your reply's ladies. Ive come to a decision which i think might be the best way not too spend too much is to transfer some money over to just one of my 3 "major" accounts & i'll hav't to give the other cards to my sister to keep. (at least until she's born anyway) :-)

Lets just hope i can stick to it!!! LOL I'm honestly not sure yet :-) :-)

Congratulations. If you want to avoid spending too much then honestly, you will have to avoid the shops and websites altogether. It's way too tempting. I had my little girl on May 5th, I also have a two year old son. I didn't think I would be a pink fanatic, but boy I have surprised myself. They just look so gorgeous.

We waited until the birth to find out the gender, so for the first couple of days she wore her brother's white vests and babygros, but when we did go shopping I went a bit wild. Pink, flowery patterns, and even FRILLS.

Remember too that you are likely to have items as gifts once your little darling is born. Enjoy. Xx

Thanks for your reply bobby70, & Yes you're right about taking into consideration about all the other gifts I'll get as I think her grandma ( my mum) is going to spoil her rotten because she'll be the 1st female grandchild "out of 3 grandson's.


Many many congratulations on having a girl!!

I didn't find out sex of my baby at 20wks scan. But whenever i go for shopping i always look for girly things. I know its so tempting. But anyways its my first so whether its a boy or girl, it'll be new for me.

Stay blessed :)

Congratulations! As for shopping, if it eases your mind, you are probably going to get tons of clothes of every one you know for your little girl. I loved it at first, but I hated not getting to dress her till she was about 9 months old, lol! We had enough clothes to dress 3 little girls in, and none of them I'd picked, haha. Love it now she's a toddler... And a full on girlie girl who loves dresses, tutus and princesses (complete opposite to me, but very cute all the same). Check out zulily website. They have daily deals... Sorry I'm not helping here am I lol. Have fun x x x

Oh yeah, I've seen some really nice dresses on that "zuilly" website. The last few weeks before the scan i used to look at this website & dreamed about buying all those cute dresses yippppeee :-)

Wow, how lovely congratulations, that is lovely news, lucky you to have one of each. As you know we are gender neutral but is has been very hard not to look at little boys/girls clothes and wonder as they are all so cute. Now you don't! X

Thanks, If its any consulation it dosent make it any easier as i've always been the sort of woman to like shopping but also love bargains too

:-) xx

Congratulation my dear. I know how how u feel. I am 27 week, on my 20 weeks found out i having a boy. Have got two girls, i was so happy i cried. When i came home i spent over £200 and i think all worth it:)

There are so many lovely clothes about at the moment and everywhere seems to have a sale on! Finding it very hard to resist so understand your frustration! Congrats Dort too on finding out you are having a boy! X

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