ok, so a bit nieve but each day there seems to be a new question i need answering, 24 weeks 3 days now and i think im starting to pick up a pattern with my little mans movements, during the day when im sat at my desk i feel he is higher up around my ribs, is this likely to be him moving? i know it sounds really silly but sometimes a few minutes later i feel the flutters at the bottom of my belly, and then in the evening he seems to be aon my right hand side again round my ribs, they are very noticable and the other day felt a bit sick from one of them (not that im complaining) but is it normal to be feeling that type of movement at this stage i thought it would have been later on?

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  • Sounds About right they are only small so have plenty of room to wiggle around at the moment xx

  • yep I started to feel movement around tht time like tht, I am 28+4 and now I get regular pattern of movement, more v.early morning and late at night, and yes its quite high up by my ribs, he is reacting to noises as I am sure u will begin to notice soon, I saw Rihanna at the weekend and blimey did he move to the point where I had to keep standing up and moving around to ease the uncomfyness which u will find u may need to do as i find when I sit down at like a desk etc it isnt very comfy. he will develop his own little pattern and the movements will become stronger over the next few weeks, I was laying down last night and saw what I think was a foot give me a good kick!! xx

  • At 24+wks this sounds about right yes, I also get that niggling pain at the right side of my ribs, but if i'm honest I usually feel more movements during the evening time.

    But saying that I'm 19+wks so maybe she / he is not as active as your Lil man just yet. xx

  • I get that rib thing on the right side too! So happy thear that you ladies think t his is the baby :-) I was worrying that I wasnt feeling anything :-) Thank you all x

  • thankyou ladies, Ive been lying with light but long things on my belly to see if he reacts and makes them move, the remote control was wobbling the other day, also he seems to always react to the hair dryer when i get out of the shower in the mornings, maybe ive woke him up :) its all so exciting love feeling him move about :)

    x x x

  • Hey Flossy1688,

    I experienced erratic, varied movements throughout my pregnancy, and I'm now 41 weeks(!) and due to give birth imminently (I hope!) At times, I could definitely feel movement in two parts of the bump at once, which freaked me out. But I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising that he can move an arm at the same time as a foot ... If you can discern a pattern of movements, then that's helpful, but my little dude has never followed a pattern and it doesn't seem to matter - all the midwifes want to know at each appointment is 'whether he is moving'. So, I wouldn't worry about the difference in movements - just focus on the number. If he/she goes for a period during which he/she is usually active without moving, then it might be a good idea to call the hospital. I did this once (after a quiet evening followed by a quiet morning), and almost as soon as I got to the hospital he started moving again :) All the best xx

  • Thankyou, i thought he'd been quite quiet last night so i got my doppler out this morning and found the HB straight away he also likes to start moving when the doppler is on him.

    And as usual i had a little movement as soon as the hair dryer went on :)

    x x x

  • Hey :) I felt my first proper kick last night and cried lol been waiting so long for it. My belly feels really heavy at night and early morning and is uncomfortable but through the day it's fine my little man must be awake mainly through the night :) all exciting stuff xxx

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