Ok I'm 24 wks pregnant, but as yet have no maternity wear. In truth I'm not very big. Never have been, thats why I've been having so much illness, now with the medication I'm on I'm managing to put weight on and even beginning to have a bump. Still I've only gone from just being short of a size 10 to a stretchy 10.

Anyway a little beside the point. At last I'm increasing in size and do need to go clothes shopping. One of my least favortie things to do. Where would be the best place to go for a comfortbale bra. I've had mothercare etc suggested but as far as I know we don't have one locally, is there any of the highstreet names do a decent range and any suggestions on what would be more comfy?


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  • i went to marks and spencer i would wait until your a little further on i only bought mine at 36 weeks and was recommended a cup size bigger. :-)

  • Ta, m+s to the rescue :) not sure nd a change of size as type at mo, nothing I wear is comfy at the mo. Even my socks can irritate the hell out of me, joys of pregnancy lol x

  • they are so compfy though i managed to get so far as my wired ones where digging in. my hubby thinks they are hilarious.... childish men lol but definatly go have a look and no harm in buying now and again later on. x

  • I went to M&S too. Just went for non wired rather than maternity at this stage (18+ weeks). I got 2 for £12 which was a bargin I thought, and they are nice looking (not granny white ones!)

    I got fitted properly there and they recommended coming back at 36ish weeks to be remeasured and try nursing bras. They have a special measurement apparently which takes into account the milk coming in.

    Might be worth trying the largest store in your area for the best range, I went to my local shopping centre (lakeside) and they were so helpful and nice.

    Good luck! xXx

  • Its sounds funny but if you've got a sports direct "or similar" shop in your area try getting some non-wired sports bras. they're comfortable, & offer you a good hold & support as your bust gets bigger.

    If not have a look online at shops like M&S, or Matalan, at times you could find a good bargain buy from them.


  • I never go shopping either really apart from on-line but get essential most of the time. I sent a Bra SOS out to my mum last week as I have gone up a cup size. My mum lives close to a Sainsburys and got me 2 T-shirt type bras and they are really nice think it was £9 for 2.

  • i have one that is both nice and comfy from topshop maternity, but i also got two t-shirt type things from peacocks which are my favourite! remember - no underwire though! x

  • Just bought a very sturdy number from John Lewis but can be quite expensive. But if you get yourself measured properly you can always try eBay! I recommend the non wired tshirt variety, have found the soft cup are comfy but gave me 70s shaped boobs and rather prominent nipples!

    Expensive business, bra buying, but almost worth it just for the fact I'm 42 and never thought I'd see the day my boobs grew!

    Good luck!


  • I started off in M&S and went for cotton rich non wired a size bigger - 2 for £15 but just found some supposed sports bras which are also cotton and non wired and look almost the same as the ones I got before but are only £4 from Primark ;-) As I will probably never wear them again seemed silly to buy really expensive ones x

  • John Lewis - £14 for a non wired bra. Cheaper than M &S which I didn't expect and good fitting service.

  • i went to wonderbra and had fitting with my sister in law, when i was 22weeks. i went from a 30dd to 30-32F. im now at 29 weeks and gone bigger again. so dont go buying expensive as for me it looks like i will have to keep buying new ones.

    im also small my boobs are out growing my bump loll x

  • Have A Look in debenhams x

  • I work in fitness so live in sports bras which are far comfier than any other bras. You can get good bargains in Sports Direct, TK-Maxx & H&M. I was tild that your boobs stop growing at about 22weeks (until the milk comes in) so bought a couple of nicer non-underwired bras from John Lewis around that time. One was a reasonably priced one from their own range, which is plain but smart enough to wear under dressy tops The other is by Playtex & is a pretty lace one. The staff were very helpful, too. Good luck!

  • You guys are lucky.. I went up 4 sizes in 1st trimester! I found sports bras most comfy till I got too big for them! Most high street department sstores do a good range and for clothes I got on asos and h+m although don't buy too much I'm 34 weeks and can still fit into alot of my prw pregnancy stretchy vests and tops. The bottoms however get uncomfortable so needed to invest in some jeans!

  • thank you everyone. Have my weekend shopping sorted out. Think I've been fairly lucky in that not had to buy many new clothes, but def need bras as I don't have a single one I like wearing anymore. Hopefully will be comfy by sat afternoon :)

  • Debenhams were great for me.

  • my boobs are the thing that haven't really grown yet, I am 28 weeks and still haven't noticed my boobs get bigger and am still in same bras as before pregnant and they still fit fine, my belly on the other hand.... :)

  • my boobs got bigger and my bra uncomfortable before I knew I was pregnant much to my husbands delight (typical man), and definitely a lot harder and perkier it's the first thing i'm going to buy.

  • im currently 19+4 and am pleased to say my bust has not yet increased in size (already big boobed). I asked my midwife what the deal was with the ugly non underwired bras - she said so long as i was comfortable not to worry. Im still in my underwires and intend to be for as long as they are comfortable.

  • Well i went to primark today and got one of them ugly non underwired bras which i will be trying tomorrow. Can't be worse than normal bras. I'd been lucky until recently, but when everything becomes uncomfortable even I go clothes shopping. My poor bf learned why no one ever goes shopping with me willingly today. Thank you for advice ladies. Hopefully will have a comfortable report to make tomorrow x

  • yep, it may not look attractive, but i don't care, i'm more comfy than I've felt all week. Did have to go a size bigger. Probably a good thing as seem to have finally got my appetite back and a bit more x

  • A word on sizing for maternity bras - remember if your band size goes up your cup size may go down so if you are normally a 34C as your rib cage expands when pregnant and you find your bra too tight then you may be a 36B as the volume in the bra would be the same and a C cup would make the band size even bigger however if your boobs have got bigger too then try the same cup size in a bigger band eg36C or even a cup size bigger eg 36D. And when it comes to nursing bras your rib cage should decrease but your boobs may increase so you may be back to your usual band size eg34 but be a cup size bigger. Complicated but useful information and will save you money in the long run. A lot of retailers will try and sell you a nursing bra too early and you will find that it won't fit once the baby is born which is half the battle with breastfeeding. So always try a non wired full support/maternity bra for when you are pregnant then get fitted again at the end of pregnancy after 37 weeks when your baby should have dropped. Best thing to get fitted for both. Debenhams were brilliant and MandS were good however had to book an appointment.

  • If you've got bigger boobs, then Bravissimo are fantastic. Pricey, but worth it to have a good range of choice in bigger sizes. I'm only 10 weeks and already a G cup - bit scared how big they'll get! I've also recently got some supportive pyjamas, and have been sleeping much better. Good luck!

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