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One for the teachers out there! Maternity pay and TLR

My head teacher just approached me and said she wasn't sure if I would be getting my TLR whilst on maternity and I should ask the bursar. It is because the teacher wages are high next year and she is not sure if she can afford to pay two people the TLR while I'm off. Can this happen? I am a single mum and all my working out has been done on my current wages. I will have problems I think. Should I contact my union? Or at least threaten to?

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Definitely seek advice from ur union, that what you pay them for, I would and then at least you know what you are entitled to


Is the TLR your substantive, permanent position? If so, there is no way she can do that. If it is a temporary TLR that was due to expire befor your maternity leave then it is a possibility. Have you got a copy of the maternity information pack from your authority or academy sponsor? In my authority I could also seek advice through HR. Union should be able to help if you need it.


Yeh, it's a permanent TLR, I'm foundation stage coordinator in an infants school. I've looked through all the info the bursar gave me but can't find anything there or on the NASUWT website. I'll apeak to the bursar tomorrow and then go from there, I might even get the county HR number and see if I can speak to them directly after. I really don't want to get unions involved unless I have to as school has been fab so far and I don't want to jeopardise dropping a day on my return.


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