Help. Am I pregnant

Hi I did a pregnancy test which came bk positive :-) I went to the doctors to get it confirmed and there test said positive too :-) they sent me for a scan so they could date me as I on cerezzette and dont have periods. I have been for the scan but they said they couldnt see any sign of pregnancy. They said it may be to early to scan.and I was to do another test in a couple of weeks. I did another one today and it said positive. I keep feeling sick amd have gone off tea and have sore breasts. Can someone help I am really confused. Am I pregnant or not? ? Xx

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Can I ask why you think you are not pregnant? If the scan was too early, surely the recent one confirmed your pregnancy?

I have only had the one scan 2 weeks ago. Xx

Sounds like your pregnant Hun congratulations... :-) I too had an early scan sonographer had to really push down on my belly to even see the most tiny of sacs I was 5weeks and 4 days. I'm mean seriously tinie tiny like a pin head. So try not to worry have you a date for another scan? If not get an appointment now. Re test in another two week to reassure yourself :-) x

Thank you :-) I started bleeding this morning. Nothing to bad doesn't feel like a period. What does this mean. This is my first and I'm now really scared. Xx

Try not to worry, it's normal to have some light bleeding sometimes, you could go back to early pregnancy unit and get checked. Also might be worth taking another test to reassure yourself. I couldn't believe it and ended up frittering my pennies on clearblue! I'm sure everything is fine, sending you lots of positive thoughts and congratulations! Xxx

Ohh good. Glad its nothing serious. Xx

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