hey guys,

currently 21 weeks 2 days with a little boy, really nervous that past couple of weeks movements have been getting more frequent and can feel them a lot more, however had a bad night Friday night due to a silly drunken boyfriend being sick everywhere after celerating our news on baby being a boy and his birthday, when i finally got into bed movements were more noticable than ever, very strong, since probably Saturday afternoonish tho im still feeling them however noticing im going longer periods without felling them and i dont think they are as stong, had my 20 week scan on Friday afternoon and everything was fine, can anyone shed any light on this for me?


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  • i am 26+3 and my baby has more movement at certain times of day, like at 4am and in the evenings before bed (maybe i notice more as am laying down) i do feel him during the day but not as prominent as these times. depends what position he is in, sometimes i feel him up by my ribs on the right but then this morning i felt him down by my pubic bone on the left. when i was 21 weeks i slipped down the stairs and landed on my back and i was so paranoid as i cudnt feel him, i did everything to get him to move and the next day (which felt like forever) i was laying in bed just before going to sleep and i felt this massive boot in the ribs, never been so happy to be kicked. The midwife said to me that he is like a person in the sense that he will have spells where he just wants to chill out and might not move so much but then other days where he will be more active, she said its normal. hope this puts ur mind at ease a bit. p.s ur boyfriend sounds like mine with his drunken antics, although he hasn't done it for a yr when he watched the football last yr.

  • Now as we speak my little Ewan is doing some moving, just doesnt seem as prominant as when im lying down relaxing but what you said has made sense and has set my mind at ease a little.

    As for the drunken bf well since we are still at home for the time being my mum heard him aswell and was helping me clean it up while he was over the toilet bowl, but then i started heaving and as he was in the bathroom had to shoot downstairs and outside then i threw up, i then put the bin next to him but because the first time he'd been sick he hadnt noticed and didnt even wake up when he was in our bed i was terrified of him being sick on me again so i went to sleep on the couch but then my mum felt mean on me so she swapped with me, couldnt settle tho and kept checking on him highly amusing when he had actually fallen sleep with his head in the bin and he really suffered Saturday.................. Dont get me wrong think thats the only time hes done it since we've been together. And in his defence they were out of his usual beer so he changed beers and he didnt seem that drunk when he got in and went to bed fine, just the usual he loves me and Ewan so much and he couldnt live without us lol

    x x x

  • Hi,

    Im 34 + 4 with my first baby (little boy)

    I first stared feeling him at about 16 weeks, was like a little popping sensation at the bottom of my stomach to the left, as the weeks went on i felt him more and more and in other areas of my stomach, it got to 20 - 28 weeks and i was feeling definate kicks and hic-ups then all of a sudden it changed to stretching and shifting about - due to less space for him! I literally feel and see every single move he makes, im told this is because im very slim, i will feel baby more. I still feel him all the time at this stage, the more movement the better in my eyes although as the other have said he does have quiet days, Friday for example he was very quiet and didnt feel him half as much i did start to worry but felt him more than 10 times so just chilled out and rested, He certainly made up for it at the weekend when we had 2 family BBQ's everyone was amazed seeing my bum shift and squirm all over the place - he was obviously putting on a show for his audience! It amazes me every time i feel him xx

  • I am 19w with my 3rd and haven't even felt my baby move yet, I am so paranoid about it.

    Babies in the womb sleep alot. If you go 24 hours without feeling anything then ring your midwife

  • no dont think i go that long to be honest its just not as much as it was

    x x x

  • Hiya.i wouldnt worry too much yet.if you over 28weeks then you gonna feel baby more frequently.sometimes babies have quiet days as well.maybe he was moving when you were sleeping?i was scared once as i couldnt feel my little girl but my partner was awake few hours at night and he said he kept feeling her kicks.i couldnt believe it.i thought i'd wake up if she kicks.what about when you eat something?or try drinking cold water or have a bath?obviously if you concerned ring your midwife hun xx

  • well i keep getting my doppler out and checking but my partner isnt happy with it as he said it makes me worry more when i cant find the heartbeat and then next time i try its there, he said he is going to bin it lol

    im feeling movements but i'll see how i go coz they arnt as strong as they were or as frequent

    x x x

  • I was the same.checking hb with midwife said sometimes baby can be lying differently to his usual position and thats why it could be hard to hear partner is saying (sometimes moaning) if i worry that baby is quiet as he thinks everyone is different.but you know your baby's routine and you carry him/her inside you so you know when things are different.i rang doctors many times as i trusted my instincts.and lucky i did cos i had many infections if you worry just ring your midwife.she'll put your mind at wont cost you nothing but reassure you xx and i've also noticed that when i'm angry or annoyed with something/someone my baby kicks less.its like giving me signs saying:dont worry,just chill out lol xx

  • i was awake alot last night, everytime i woke up kept hitting me hadnt felt my little man move since the afternoon, was lying awake and then i think i felt something, was still half asleep, nothing for first half an hour or so of getting up this morning so got my doppler out had to have a bit of a search but found it in the end and then got a possible "kick" since leaving the house and arriving at work ive felt him a few times i just wish he would kick all the time then i wouldnt panic so much its a great feeling when he does it

    x x x

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