Last night was a little ruff.

Whilst watching TV before bed I'd had a few tightenings and then some pain through my hips. This continued in the night wasn't enough to wake me fully but unusual for me. I got up and moved cos I thought it was cramp but it didn't subside. I'm putting it down to pelvic pressure and baby gearing up for arrival. Me hopes :-)

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  • How many weeks are you now? Had you been standing a lot yesterday or walking about? Just try and take it easy and put your feet up.

  • I hadn't dont much etc clean and mop the floors. I,m 35 weeks :-) xx

  • Wow! Exciting! Good luck :D

  • Sounds like everything is just moving south and resting on your hips. So exciting, do you know what you are having?

  • its a suprise :-) both me a d hubby think it could come early. things definatly moving south xx

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