My little bubba

After going thru last week with being in so much pain with my siatica to being itchy and my asthma getting worse. ..I have felt like all I do is moan!

But one thing that had been making me smile and happy is I've been feeling my little bubba moving, I've been feeling him/her moving everyday. For a good few days now. ..It's great and makes u forget ur woes. such a special thing, even though pregnancy is hard I love every minute of it (well maybe not the sickness bit :) )


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  • Awwrrrh! That's nice. Im in a simular situation too (at 15+wks) all i seem to do is be moaning about itchy skin or tender feeling feet. Im not sure if ive felt the baby move yet but i do get occassions when i feel something like a slight streching/pushing motion.


  • It is amazing feeling!!!me the same :) every movement or kick make me forget how bad i felt and things i've been through.i had a 4d scan over a week ago and every time i feel down i put dvd on and all the problems seem to go away .just cant wait to hold her now :)

  • Oh sweetie, you're so cute!! It is hard, but we must remind ourself a what we get at the end... It'll be worth a the moans, groans and itches!

    Hope your GP abd Midwife is keeping a close eye on you xx

  • That's lovely Hun. As soon as we feel them makes you forget everything like sickness etc. how you feeling this week. I remember myself getting very itchy with my first they gave me this massive tub of cream, I'm sorry can't remember the name but I had constant supply that. Helped. Hope its starting to ease x

  • i feel exactly the same. at 25weeks now i feel him non stop. and i do sit and talk to him when he's kicking away. sometimes because its a dig in my rib!!!

    but since my sickness went a little quieter it has been easier to enjoy being pregnant. Unfortunately thats only been past few weeks and sickness is still here. I do try forget and think about bubz and watching the monsterous looking belly movements i have. x

  • Did the docs put you back on the steroids ? Bless you I could not think of anything worse...and you have managed to carry on working I take my hat off to u! X

  • well i spent 4 weeks in hospital from the 8th week. but i work in the hospital so classed myself as ready for work just not fit enough lol. nope wont alloww me back on steroids. due to the high dose and period i was taking them for, the baby is now at risk of diabetes. and ihave to be monitored for GD too. xx

  • Ah I well haven't felt any movements yet, had a weird sensation in my tummy on Saturday but just put it dont to the amount of diet pepsi I drank at a BBQ.

    I am trying to find something else that I dont mind drinking but I can not stand Elderflower or no alchol wine, I just cant bare it.

  • I love my diet Pepsi ...your allowed 200mg a day of caffeine so 4glasses is fine I may have a cup of tea in the morning but think decaf tastes funny and I just have it really to dunk some biscuits in! Lol I just save it mostly for the diet Pepsi...what about orange juice and lemonade? I don't really like anything else to be honest but just thinking of alternatives x

  • I didn't even know that caffeine was on an allowance, oopps. I drink about 4 mugs of tea a day and then a some pepsi at night. Yeah think I might try the lemonade and orange instead, we buy the pure orange in bulk as the boys & my husband drink over a litre a day between them. God you are so restricted with things aren't you. I have stopped putting sweetner in my tea now and gone back to sugar as my friend said it was bad for you all the chemicals.

  • That's just recommendations this is a new thing I've never heard of it before and lived off fizzy stuff but if they have proven it then I try to stick near it. ... But all my other kids are Ok so try not to worry about it too much. . Sometimes I drink a litre at wkds x

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