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Officially in the third trimester - woo hoo!

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Just wanted to say, I am very excited to be in the third trimester! I told my parents this morning and that meant nothing to them (of course they are excited about their future grandchild but are not up on the lingo!!) so thought I'd share with you lovely ladies who are also going through the joys of pregnancy! :o)

I've had plenty of aches and pains and loads more to come I'm sure!!! But I am on the home strait now and very excited about meeting my little baby (except still freaking out a bit about potential 3rd/4th degree tearing). The midwives at my hospital (St Helier's in Carshalton) are great so I plan to mention my fears at my next antenatal appointment.

Hope everyone else's pregnancies are going well? I love reading the blog posts on here, it's a breath of fresh air to be part of such a fab community.


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It's nice when u reach the milestones I can't wait to get to get to 20 weeks and my 20 week scan it seems like it's flying by. .. I'm suffering but I love being pregnant is an amazing experience and this is last baby so I want to relax and enjoy it hard but I'm trying! Dint worry about tearing I've had 3 natural deliveries and only torn a Tiny bit on my first.. tore the inside with all of them but u don't really notice them and they don't hurt... It's amazing that cos u have a little one to care for u don't really take much notice of yourself ... It's like the sleepless nights for a while ur on such a high u get thru the broken sleep. . Us mums are made of amazing stuff.. :) I'm sure the next 12 weeks will fly by xx

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Yep milestones definitely make it easier as they break the 40 weeks into defined phases. The 20 week scan is a great milestone seeing how your baby has developed and having the opportunity to find out whether you have a lil man/missy on the way!

It's so fab that being pregnant for the 5th pregnancy time you are still so enthusiastic - it's clearly a credit to what a fab mum you are! Ur kids are very lucky xx

Your giving birth at the same hospital as me:) I'm 34 weeks today great to be on the home stretch :)

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That's so cool! Nice to know someone from my neck of the woods :-) How have you found the team there? So far i have found them to be lovely and really supportive.

You are exactly 6 weeks ahead of me. I had my routine 28 week bloods done today. Did you get your 34 weeks bloods done? It was very busy in pathology today lol xx

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I have found everyone to be lovely :)

I'm at the hospital tomorrow so will ask them to do it or me saves waiting lol :)

I live in cheam how far at you :)

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Hope all went well at the hospital today.

I am on the Sutton/North Cheam border so not far from you at all!


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