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Anyone else around 30 weeks, due mid-July?

Hi Ladies,

I'm 30+4 and due mid-July with my first baby.

After reading all the blogs and comments I thought I'd find out if anyone else is due around the same time?

We found out on Saturday that we're having a little boy, we're so excited and cannot believe it as we were both convinced it was a girl.

Is anyone else due around mid-July?

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Congratulations xxx I'm due 25 th June and we are having a little boy. Six weeks left :)


Thank you - congratulations to you too!

Is this your first baby?

I'm so excited but also nervous about having a boy - all my side of the family had girls first!


Im 29+5 with Twins and am due mid July, was not at all ready for this full life takeover that is pregnancy!!!! But rice & pea (my names for them) are happy kicking away in my belly so im focusing on that :0) ive had pretty bad pelvic girdle pain from 20weeks so much so im on crutches now, currently selling my flat & studying whilst working so lots of distractions going on. Can't wait to get the flat on the market & get it sorted so I can buy some things. Spent the weekend away at a hen doo & my friend brought her 3month old baby... Oooh she made my heart melt- I can't wait to meet them. On one hand time has flown yet aaarrrhhh i feel ive been pregnant forever ha haaaa

Blimey sorry to ramble :0)


Sorry to hear that you're in pain GabrielleL...hopefully it will ease up? Sounds like rice and pea are going to be double the fun though!!

I keep cooing over babies at the moment too and it's funny since we found out we're having a boy all I see everywhere is little boys, ha ha!


Hello Ladies... I'm currently 30 weeks + 5 days. I'm Due July 17th :) I'm pregnant with my frist baby and its a girl. Starting to count down already! Cant wait :)


Due July 26th (but with likely plan to deliver of July 6th)

First pregnancy, old bird, not sure what we're having, but so long asy 2 year old nephew is wrong (he thinks it will be a puppy or a rabbit!!) it should be fine!!! :-)


Due on 20th July, currently 30 weeks and 2 days. We are having our first child - a baby girl - the first one in my husband's family and friend circle after 36 years - the nephews are quite excited (all of them are in age range of 8-12 years).

Also we used to kid to my husband's best friend's 7 yo son that we are getting married to get you a girl-friend for present - seems its coming true now - so little Tyce is pretty excited too :D (although he says Kissing is YUCK and if he have to kiss than he would kiss either his mom or the girlfriend who is due on 20th July)


I'm currently 28 weeks so due 2-3 weeks after you.

Congrats on finding out that you have a little girl on the way. Exciting times ahead!!

We decided not to find out the sex of the baby but my husband is convinced it's a girl as he thinks the scan pic looks feminine! Who knows?! We shall see xx


I'm 29 + 6 and due 24th July. So excited. I agree, it seems to have flown by, yet at the same time I feel like I've been pregnant forever. No idea whether its a boy or girl. Can't wait to find out! Good luck with the last couple of months. x


Hi there

I'm also 30 wks this is my third baby after a 13 year gap and due mid July. Expecting a boy this time round, first boy in the family so very exciting!

Best wishes to you. X


There are quite a few of us due around the same time.

Ritz 21, the first girl in so many years?! She is going to be a lucky little girl with all the attention...

DrFluffy I hope your nephew is wrong too, that made me giggle...

RMRS my hubby also thought that he saw something at the 20 week scan and that it was a boy, but I didn't take much notice, so who knows, maybe he's right?

I'm due on the 18th July so just a day behind you YR81. 10 weeks to go and we meet this little one...I can't contain myself.

Hope it all goes well Mandy vv1, I hope to see all the posts of little one's born mid-July.


Hi I'm 32+2 and due 7th of July but likely to give birth in June due to placenta previa.

So many babies due this summer!!

We don't know what we're having so will be a fabulous surprise. My daughter wants a boy and my son wants a girl!! One will be very disappointed!!! Xx


Just wanted to say hi as I am due exactly the same day as you and also have placenta previa! Mine is posterior however. Think I will be in hospital from around the 12th of June for monitoring with a target of getting to a planned c section in week 38. Best of luck to you!


Hi. I am 30+5 and also due mid July. This is my third baby and we are expecting a boy!!!!!!!!! pretty excited!!!!!


Hi ladies, I am 28 and a half weeks, due 31st July, it's our first baby, we decided not to find out the sex as my husband really didn't want to find out, I was soooo tempted to turn my head at the 20-week scan though and sneak a peak!! But now I'm really glad we didn't find out, it's going to be an amazing surprise and who knows it might make the pushing a bit easier! Love the feeling of him/her kicking, hiccupping etc. Can't wait to meet our little one! Good luck to you all and enjoy the last few weeks. xxx


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