Flucloxacillin 500mg four times a day

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick question typically I have got a skin infection that I have been told will be sorted with Flucloxacillin, they said they have not been known to cause problems in pregnant women, but me being me im still worried. Has anyone on here used them during pregnancy and had no problems?? Just the priority to me is to do the best I can with my babies.

Thanks for your help xxx

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  • Think they are from the group of amoxocillin I can't take them as allergic have used ethromyacin (wrong spelling) and have been Ok with them, I always double check with the pharmacist x

  • Thanks Babymother :) I have taken Amoxocillin for a water infection at the beginning of pregnancy so knew those were ok. My doctors good, but just wanted other peoples thoughts as im a massive worrier! Hope you and baby are ok! xx

  • Fluclox is a penicillin. Safe in pregnancy.

  • Great thanks for your help Dr Fluffy :) I feel alot happier now, hope you and baby are well xxx

  • We're on holiday :-). Not a patient or a 13 hour in call shift in sight :-D

  • Sounds great hope you are both enjoying your well earned break :) - I couldn' t manage half the shifts you have like, I seriously dont know how you do it sometimes im struggling with a 9-6 job! xx

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