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Eye pain... (hopefully this will be my last question I ask for a while!)


I've had my eyes checked and lenses checked twice before during this pregnancy. I have asked eye related questions before but this is the last time - promise! ;)

I know that eye sight can fluctuate for some but I really can't afford any more lenses and as I know my eye sight is likely to change again post birth I'm loathe to go and get another test. I did speak to the local vision express and they concurred that it would be ill advised to go in and see them until a fair few months after delivery. What I'm trying to manage is pain in my right eye and my vision. I'm taking paracetamol but it's not touching it, any suggestions on what I could do or take? Ought I go to my GP perhaps? I've stopped wearing my glasses as I'm assuming the prescription I had isn't going to be helping so my vision is blurred a little, can't focus too well. I checked with the midwife at triage just to make sure I wasn't getting the start of pre-eclampsia but as I just had my urine tested yesterday and my blood pressure checked which were all fine and in addition no swelling on my body I don't think there is any concern and was advised to drink plenty (which I do) and contact them only if it gets worse. So just to manage the eye pain is the issue.

I would certainly love to hear any suggestions as I'm driven to distraction with the discomfort.

Hoping you are all well! Thanks in advance for any tips. :) xxx

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Hiya.dont worry if you have to ask the same question many times.i'm the same lol.i had problems with my eyes due to conjunctivitis.i know its completely different problem...its much better now thank God.i went to the eye hospital last week to be checked as gp is not an expert.i almost cancelled my appointment because i thought my eyes got better(no more redness),just pain sometimes in one eye.i was shocked when i've been told that i still have both eyes infected even if there was no visual symptoms.i guess the doc checked everything whats inside me eyes.i got some antibiotics in a form of gel and week later i feel cured.so maybe in your case ask your gp to reffer you to hospital where they can check your eyes propely?i read loads on the internet about eye problems during pregnancy like pink eye or dry eye syndrome but to be honest you need to be diagnosed by proffessionals.i had to wait only 2days to be seen cos if they know your pregnant ,they wanna check you as quick as they can.i hope you get it sorted hun xx

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I'll see if I can get an appointment with the GP for some better pain relief and for them to look in the back of my eye. I'd be so much happier pain free and able to wear my glasses. Thanks for the advice! :) xxx


Ohhh that sounds painful I'd go get it checked spec savers are doing eye tests for £5 give them a call and say u lost ur voucher, mine are pretty good like that just thought I'd pass on the info x

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It is painful. I really don't want another eye test. I've spent £400+ already on getting new lenses over two occasions during my pregnancy. I spoke to Vision Express and they told me that my eyes are unlikely to settle until sometime post baby, so even if I got new lenses (which would take weeks to be made as my eyes require a complex lens). I actually don't have any spare cash to buy new lenses with anyway and then again I'd have to find the money post baby, they'd end up with almost £800 from me in a 12 month period, doesn't seem right to me. I really just want something to take the pain away as the paracetamol isn't working at all and i'm getting headaches too. I really hadn't anticipated the impact on my eyes that pregnancy would have. I appreciate the suggestion never the less! Thank you Babymother! xxx

Hi Hun, I think you Should go to the eye hospital, because pain is a concern, what sprang to my mind is retina detachment very very common in pregnancy and pregnancy being the main reason for this! I hope it's not this but my best friend had this at six months and she had never Had eye problems or wore glasses before. Pleased your doing well otherwise xxxxx

Hi lovely,

Thanks for the suggestion. I just spoke to the GP at my surgery who said they are ill equipped at the surgery to deal with eye pain in any more detail than the optician would be able to. He also said that there is unlikely to be a link between my eye pain and pregnancy. He suggested going to the eye casualty department at the hospital or to at least give them a ring.

Whenever I think about going to any emergency or casualty type place I worry if what I'm going for warrants a visit. I always think of emergencies as either something dangling off a person... some severe wound... excessive bleeding... an eye hanging on a thread... that kind of thing. I'll feel so embarrassed if I tootle up there with my eye pain and they say go home with paracetamol fuss pot! I don't want to waste valuable time if it's better spent on someone with something serious. :/

Hope you're well Skyblueboston! :) xxx

Ahh Hun don't be daft, you won't be wasting anyone's time :) you are important xxxx now go !

I rang the department at the hospital and they said to go to the optician for a pressure check... if that comes back normal to go to the gp who will then need to refer me to a consultant. I wish I could just have some nice pain killers that work... ugh... it's one of those days. Next door have builders in so there is excruciating loud un-relaxing digging going on and I bet it will last days if not weeks. Oooo I could crush a grape! ;)

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