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Hi all

Hi I recently had an EMG test because of my blood work & symptoms & inflammatory, I have Sjogren's Syndrome too.

I have a positive Anti-Ro antibody & my EMG test showed abnormalities in my muscles, but nerve test was Okish, I do have other abnormal blood work, but my consultant was investigating these.

I'm wondering has anyone else had this abnormal blood work? What Autoimmune diseases have you got, because I hear from my consultant that Myositis can be linked. Starting new meds soon, which are Azathiprine, I'm hoping these will work as a whole to be honest, but if it does come back I have Myositis, as well, then I will possibly need Steroids too.

Thanks for listening x

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I also have Myositis as well as interstitial lung disease, diabetes and recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.

I have not had the blood work that you are having but I hope it gives you the results you need to get the best treatment.

I don't know many people with more than 2 autoimmune disease's, it's difficult but I have learnt to take one thing at a time and appreciate every moment, everything and everyone.

I'm taking mycophenolate and hydroxychloroquine as well assteroids and other meds. I started on azathioprine but it was affecting my liver. Your monthly blood tests will keep an eye on that though.

I hope everything goes well


Hi Sheep1980,

thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.

It's been such a long difficult road, due to having multiple health issues, so getting a diagnostic of Sjogren's was hard & now Myositis has been even harder.

I'm tired of the flare ups every 3 months, so hopefully the Azathiprine will help.

Anyway thanks again xx


I hope it does help.

Your doing amazing and it's very hard.

Keep thinking of the posatives and take one step at a time. There is lot of trial and error but they will get it right with meds znd stuff and hopefully you will get some relief x

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