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Donations for Research.

Is there a way to Donate specifically for Research to DM and PM in UK please, or is it for Myositis in general.



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Yes, it is possible to ring fence certain funds towards a specific type of Myositis research. In the past Myositis UK have done this with donations, legacy's and fundraising events, then when that specific type of research arises those funds are allocated towards it.

It would not be possible to do this for every single donation received, partly because of the amount of administration this would require and the charity is managed as a whole. However I would say the charity is mindful when research is granted that all the types of Myositis are treated fairly.

Jo Goode

Myositis UK Treasurer


One chap is donating to a Professor in London specifically for IBM Research as his wife passed away with IBM.

A lady has also asked if there is somewhere for donations to go to DM/PM Research here in England.

After looking around I think we will use the link here for the latter.

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