went to hospital the other week to sign consent forms and have a chat, got to admit I've got good a good team looking after me, been reducing the prednisolone by one tablet a week on 35 this week been complaining about the pain in my legs and difficultly walking struggling a lot getting tired and spending time in bed don't want to do anything, also been tested for anti jo-1, two hospital appointments this, month. Staring physiotherapy again next month. Does anybody know about the process of pip. ps I think I need a good drink lol

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  • Sorry to hear that you've been feeling worse, I can't offer any advice about any treatment as I don't know anything! I would imagine physio would help and having that extra person offering you some consideration and care might give you a boost.

    Let us know how you get on and good luck

  • Raj. What is pip. Mary

  • its the new disability forms

  • Oh! Bet it's a nightmare to fill out. Perhaps someone at the Citizen Advice could help. Mary

  • the forms are filled out just waiting for a response its been over a month now waiting for an appointment to have assessment

  • Hi Raj, sound as though you are getting good care, stay with it once the flare has been controlled things will get a little better. glad you have applied for PIP and hope you have a good out come from it.

  • Myositis UK have a benefits advisor for members

  • thank you for that info Jo I will contact them tomorrow hospital appointment this afternoon