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vaccine appointment


Dear friends,

I finally got a vaccine appointment two weeks away and 231 miles away from home. It will be a 3 hour trip each way. I got tired of waiting for an appointment. I think this is the right thing to do. Thanks for reading.

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I hope you are not driving all that way on your own? 🤗

Sandydemop in reply to jimeka

I was planning to.

jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

I have just sent you an email about shots in the states 🤗

jimeka you are so quick! thanks for the ❤

Do people feel sick after the first injection?

jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

Which one are you getting? 😊

Sandydemop in reply to jimeka

IDK they didn't say. It will probably be phizer or moderna. I don't think J&J will be out that quick. Does it matter in terms of whether you feel sick after?

jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

I don’t know. I had the Pfizer and was fine. I had to wait 15 minutes to see if I had a reaction but nothing, just very tired the two days after. 😊

Sandydemop in reply to jimeka

good to know. glad you're fully vaccinated.

jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

I have only had the first shot. In the U.K. it can be 12 weeks before I get the second. 😊

Sandydemop in reply to jimeka

that's awful. Are you using pfizer and moderna or something else?

jimeka in reply to Sandydemop

Pfizer 😊

Depends, most don't till the second shot I'm hearing, unless you had Covid in the past, then it's like shot 2 on steroids? That seems logical? But then also. I heard some people with the Maderno do with shot one, but no shot 2, but no one yet with Phiser on shot 1, unless maybe you did have Covid before, then it's going to be a good one one with fever and shakes. Okay, I did the last 2-1/2 years of DMT'S, (different types of interferons) the major ones of those days, with fever and shakes 6 out of 7 days a week, BUT, I never got 103°F fevers for 3 DAYS, which is what my doctor told me he got with Phiser shot #2. Then I always took Tylenol with each shot. Still, had shakes and fatigue, aches even with the Tylenol. But not for 3 days either. BUT getting the vaccine,the if it is that, so be it, GIVE IT TO ME NOW! If only? My county is now saying try the end of next month. Unless if course I come down with cancer, then they can schedule me in by??? 2 weeks earlier? Maybe?So if you got the appointment, it 8s what it is, BUT your one of the lucky o ones! You're getting it!

Thanks Mark. We don't want you to get cancer to move up the appointment by 2 weeks. :( I'm not thrilled about driving 231 miles but this is what is called for in these times. What state are you in?

Illinois, which is much better than so many states, like Florida, where their teachers can't even get a vaccine yet, but if you are over 65 and vacation there, you can get one. That's why their over 65 vaccinated rate is so high. But only in wealthy areas.

I am sorry Mark but I must correct a few flaws. I do not wish to be argumentative, but I live in Tampa, FL, am 55, a permanent resident (but not wealthy), and received my shot last week bc I am high risk with my MS. That window was opened last week when I was contacted by my neurologist hospital.

Over 65 has been the priority here in our state with a large number of retirees. Retirees must be residents that live and own property here, not just vacation, and not only in wealthy areas. What you are probably referring to is a situation the media reported about a very large zip code area, with a many families and retirees, that was made one of the latest vaccination centers. I am sure there are many wealthy retirees residing in this area as it is a largely populated "planned community" which is not strictly a "55 plus community". It is 45 minute from my home.

Our teachers and students have been in the classroom almost since the beginning without issues - teachers and parents are very happy with this effort! I have sisters that are teachers in other states and they received vaccine but are teaching virtual, which does not make no sense to me if you are 25 and teaching from home.

I believe FL is doing a great job with our vaccinations. It's a big job to have millions of people vaccinated as we all know. Mistakes and corrections are being made across the US as we figure this thing out. FL is doing their best as I am sure every state is in their own way. I heard on our news a younger age group will be able to start getting vaccinated later this month which is great progress!

I just wanted to share some of the positive moves that are being made here in Florida. Please come and enjoy the Sunshine! And I mean that sincerely. Of course, after your vaccinated, haha! ;-)

I just hear the daily drama of all her schools science teachers leaving, not one left because of the Covid handling. She is not 55. You have to be 65 where she lives/works. Would die for a vaccine. One is not in sight for her or any of the other teachers. Teachers are not even planned for vaccination.

Yes they have been back in school. Kids come and go with Covid. Teachers, tend to only leave with it. The district she works for does not report any incidents. If a student comes in with Covid symptoms, and she sends them to the nurse. They get sent back immediately, and are told to stay. Hence, every science teacher leaving. She is counting the days till she will too.

I'm not sure what distrist she is teaching, but I live and was a teacher for Hillsborough County, the 8th largest district in US. Haven't heard this situation from my collegues or of teachers fleeing our news reports. If her doctor feels she is she is high risk, she can definitely get her vaccine.

On a positive note, Govenor DeSantis (FL) announced yesterday with the J & J vaccines FL is receiving now, teachers will be first to get their vaccines along with first responders - fireman, etc. Her school will probably be announcing this awesome news! My best wish to you both for a healthy future!

Let's see, here in Illinois Teachers, First Responders...have all been able to get theirs/have gotten theirs how many month's ago?

OsborneSR in reply to Sandydemop

I had the Moderna and did not feel sick after the first one or second one. My arm was a little tender when you touched where the injection was for the first couple days. A little ice and no issue what so ever! Get the vaccine! I get my Ocrevus infusion 21 days after my second vaccine and so grateful I was able to get all the timing to work out!

Be safe and I am glad that you are getting your vaccine


I luckily got 2 shots, spaced 1 month apart. Moderna. No problems. Very low fever experienced 2 days after 2nd shot, but turned out to be a bladder infection. My husband says that it seems like the older you are, the fewer symptoms you get with the shots. So according to him, i guess I’m officially old. (Early 50s)

I had the first shot, Pfizer, with no reaction at all. I get the final shot this Friday at 10 am!

memphee in reply to leking1

Me too, I get 2nd shot on Friday. Pfizer is what I am getting. With the first shot, I felt a little off for about a week or so.

Sandydemop in reply to memphee

ooh. sorry.

leking1 in reply to memphee

I hope this one is easier for you!

it will be worth it ,and try to enjoy the ride and scenery,take your time and don't rush:)

Sandydemop in reply to pamgarner


Congratulations! I just made my appointment this morning and it's about 2 1/2 hours away. Going to make it a road trip, like a little getaway. 😀

Sandydemop in reply to Humbrd

i like it. good idea.

So glad you got an appointment but sorry it's so far away! Be careful during your trip!


I'm thinking of making an overnight trip out of it. Friday into Saturday.

Congratulations! My appointment isn’t until April 15th but I was so happy to get it.

Sandydemop in reply to Blue000

thanks very much. STay safe.

Great to hear you got an appointment

Sandydemop in reply to mm1527mm

thanks. It will be an adventure

Great to hear! Good luck! I got my first shot 2 weeks ago (Moderna). I had Covid in early December (antibody test was negative last month thanks to immunodeficiency with Ocrevus). I had a pretty bad reaction, but it really hit about 12 hours after getting the shot, but I suspect it was partially since I had Covid before. I hope you don't have a reaction to it!

Sandydemop in reply to BCMTN

Thanks. that's what i've read. How long did the reaction last?

I just had my first shot of Moderna a few hour hours ago. I guess too soon to tell how I'll feel. I'm happy to hear that those that got Moderna had few side effects. I'm really nervous about getting the 2nd one.

The people who had noticeable reactions have had covid and are under 55 years old. Is that you?

BCMTN in reply to Sandydemop

Fortunately not long. I felt really bad for about 8-10 hours, and was at 90%+ 24 hours after I started feeling bad.

I had mine to today. I feel ok. Hope that continues. I never had covid. I’m under 50.

Great. Stay well and safe.

I made another appointment for a local vaccine but it isn't until April 25th. not sure what to do now.

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