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I Should Know Better

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I should know better than to get attatched to a doctor. I gpt a call this afternoon telling me my cardiologist is no longer with the health system--no explaination as to why--and that my December appointment will need to be with another cardiologist on New Year's Eve! I am so bummed because I really liked my cardiologist. He was such a sweet, peaceful individual

20 Replies
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Sorry to hear that. Changing Drs is hard cuz you have to literally start all over from the beginning. It seems like it takes forever to get to know & trust them.

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CrazyCatWom in reply to hairbrain4

I know. The cardiologist who left was actually the one replacing my original cardiologist (who I didn't particularly like). I owith my neurologist!nly got to see this guy face to face twice and three times via the computer. So I was just getting to feel comfortable with him and like him. :::sigh::: But I was, at least, able to finally schedule my 6 month appointment! I'd been trying to set that appointment since June.

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It happened to me too. My optic neurologist is leaving next month. Last month my neurologist told me that the optic neurologist was leaving. So when I went to my appointment with the optic neurologist last week he never even mentioned it to me and he never even recommended anyone new. When I went out to the counter I told the woman he never told me and he said he should have. She went to the back and came back and said the person who does the visual Fields said that she would see me next time. But she is not a doctor. This always happens with my hairdresser too. Every time I find someone good they move on and I can't find them. This happened yesterday and I had a different girl and she put highlights in my hair and it's totally messed up. Now today I'm going to try to find somebody to add lowlights back in. Why can't people just stay put.

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CrazyCatWom in reply to Humbrd

I used tojoke about my neuro pthamologists only came to NM to dry out. My first one saw me when I was in the ICU, then saw me about 6 months later where I appologized for not remembering meeting him. He said, "I'm not surprised. You were seriously messed up when I saw you." But he told me he was leaving so another neuro opthamonlogist would take over my case because he was moving back to North Carolina. I met that new neuro opthamologist once and he said another neuro opthamologist would be taking over my case because he was moving back to Lousiana. I then saw the new neuro opthamologist and he told me he was going back to Georgia, so another opghamologist would be taking over (not a neuro). I And got to see him once, and he told me the very first neuropthamologist was coming back from North Carolina so I'd be seeing him, next. And when I saw him, he said he didn't remember me at all!

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it is so bad that you have to get to know another doctor...maybe you should call insurance and ask what is going on ...

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CrazyCatWom in reply to twooldcrows

Thanks for the suggestion, so I did call my insurance co. to see if they had heard anything. They hadn't :(

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Im sorry to hear this. I sure hope the next one is. also great.

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CrazyCatWom in reply to greaterexp

Oh! I got mildly scolded for saying, "I'm sure this new cardiologist is good, aswell." The nurse said, "Umm, he's the chief cardiologist for this healthcare system," Ooops!And he only requires a blood sacrifice once a year rather than every three months. But I do want to mention an additional frustration about these doctors coming and going: As those of us in the U.S. and are on Medicare know, this time of year is the "Open Enrollment" stress dance, right? I got kicked off the Medicare Advantage Plan I liked--not because of the insurance company, but because of the State of NM not wanting competition for the Medicaide art in 2021. So on to shopping for a new plan, and I base it all on two things: not the benefits or extras--it is all about who covers my meds and my doctors! My DOCTORS! And why? If I ain't got that doctor two weeks after I've enrolled in the plan that covered him?!?!?

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So sorry about your situation, difficult to lose a good doctor. Love, Kelly

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Folks will tell you to find another, but that's often no simple matter. Trust is essential in any doctor/patient relationship. It is built over time, The complication of insurance carrier, distance/accessibility, availability of specialty, and other factors make this a complex issue. If we live in an urban area it will be slightly easier than otherwise because there are more choices, but no matter where we live, losing an excellent, trusted doctor is like losing a friend.

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CrazyCatWom in reply to goatgal

I know I was just getting comfortable with him, and he even asked me at the end of our last appointment to give him a call if I had any questions, or needed to talk to him about anything, and said, "You have my number, right?" I told him I had the office's number but . . . He then handed me a business card with his cell phone number! I have never had a doctor's personal number to call with questions or comments!

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I an on my 6th neurologist. First one retired, second on left because of fights with medicare, third on left to go back to RI where he came from, forth one left to do research at Mass general, fifth one retired, and now sixth one is still on going. I've had as many, if not more primary care Drs. Right now I'm seeing a nurse until I can find a Dr. I miss the old day when you had one Dr. for years.

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I am so sorry....just when you get them trained, they leave! I am fortunate that I have had the same PCP and the same Neurologist for the past 11 years! I had a 9 month

absence of my Neurologist when she changed Hospital affiliations, and she wasn't

seeing patients in an office, just the hospital. I tracked her down the moment the got her new office established and opened, and had an appointment the first week she was open! She can't get rid of me that easily!

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You can go to the American medical association doctor finder website and find her/him. doctor finder.ama-assn.org

Good luck

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CrazyCatWom in reply to 152114randal


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I hate that!!! Here's hoping the new one you will like as well.

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Sorry to hear that, it sounds like you are comfortable with him, I feel the same way about my doctors, Hope You can find another doctor that will let you feel the same way as you did with your previous doctor.

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Hi, don’t worry.A feeling of attachment to somebody who has had a profound effect on your life is quite normal.

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CrazyCatWom in reply to Disney59

Oh, I just started feeling comfortable with this cardiologist. The one, though, that I really am attatched to is my neurologist because he really has a profound effect on my life. He wouldn't put up with any of my BS and stopped my deeper spiral into MS disability.

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Attachment can equal security, it all helps the process of coming to terms with what we have to come to terms with. Take care.

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