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What sort of accessibility devices have been a huge help to you? Pictures, if possible. I find myself frequently searching for new ideas to help make life a little easier.

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I realize you aren't really asking about this, but I think it's important. The biggest obstacle to getting around I have had in the past is my pride. But now, I use whatever I need in order to get around, be it a cane, crutches, wheelchair, etc. I automatically ask for wheelchair assistance at airports now. I'd otherwise never be able to make any connections. I can't sprint any longer, so swallowing my pride means I can go see my kids and grandkids.

Very good point! I agree.

Peruzzot in reply to greaterexp

A lot of people on here have talked about wheelchair airport assistance. Because of that I finally broke down and used it. So glad I did. Very small airports I can manage without it. But large airports I wouldn't make it to the gates, especially connecting flights. Plus they take you through shortcuts that only airport staff can use. So cool!

erash in reply to greaterexp

I was just thinking yesterday how ok I am about tooling around the neighborhood with a roll actor. A few months ago, I was a bit self- conscious 😳

Redhead4377 in reply to erash

I use my walker all the time and on better days, I practice at home with my cane.

pamgarner in reply to greaterexp

i have had no problem with a wheelchair in an airport,my experience has been they zip you through security,wait for you at the restroom get you to your flight on time,after my 1st experience with that,i was thinking WHERE HAS THIS BEEN?thinking of all the walking miles in the past at airports:)

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to pamgarner

There are rare perks to MS!

This is so true! I haven't had to use my cane in a while and today it was a must! We went out to meet some friends for something to eat on the patio and I questioned myself about the cane. I felt sad to use it...

But then I did a little self talk and said "you're being ridiculous; be kind to yourself and get over it. Once you do, then everyone else does, too."

And guess what? They did! I did, too. It helped steady these painful steps and we had a good visit with friends.

Much to be thankful for!

My favourite device is a hand rail that I had installed placed on the wall near the back door. It’s 5’ long and at waist height and I use it whenever I have to let Razor out into the back garden. I can just use both hands and walk along it, it’s really built my confidence up when opening and closing the door. 😊

Tinker-Belle in reply to jimeka

Perfect. Yes, handrails are a huge help.

erash in reply to jimeka

Reminds me. Very grateful for shower bars 👍

Tinker-Belle in reply to erash

Me, too!

pamgarner in reply to jimeka

yep we put a fancy towelrack there to step down,very functional and pretty

For me it would be the turbomed afo brace👍. Built some strength in my calf and leg and don’t use cane anymore unless tired or uneven ground 🙏🤗😉 Ken 🐾🐾🐾🐾

Tinker-Belle in reply to Kenu

I had a similar brace. At the time, I had foot drop and stumbled a lot. I had no clue something like that could make such a difference. It was amazing. I’m glad yours as been so helpful, too.

I have 2 canes that my sister in law gave me for Christmas. One has a wooden carved rabbit head on it and the other has a wooden carved duck head on it. I also have a walking stick that I made myself for hiking. I use them for walking longer distances. Primarily to help keep my balance and help catch me if I fall.

I love it. I had a pretty wooden cane I bought from that I really liked.

I have canes,a rollator and a wheelchair.

All are a great help and are used for different situations.

My walking and now i cant walk without my walker

And it is kinda embarrassing to be 29 and can barley walk😥😪

I’m sure it’s hard. I’m sorry.

pamgarner in reply to Jackjosh

when people stare at me,i just tell them to appreciate they can walk we never do until we can't

Very good point! Good advice! This does make me think of something funny, though. Did you see Santa Clause II? Remember when Charlie’s little sister asked why Curtis’s ears were pointed? He said it was because he didn’t eat his vegetables. 🙀🤣

Redhead4377 in reply to Jackjosh

Sorry 😐 Jackjosh—-

Don’t be embarrassed....

Be proud you are up and moving.


i have 4 canes, a walker,rollator,transport chair and depends on the day and how far i have to walk.nothing is going to keep me from doing what i want!

👍 Great attitude. I just recently learned about transport wheelchairs so that is absolutely on my ‘must get’ list. I had no clue they were so much lighter. It will be a huge help for my husband’s bad back when lifting in and out of our SUV for appointments.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Tinker-Belle

I got a super lightweight wheelchair, and I love it. It wasn’t cheap, but it only weighs 13 pounds!

Wow, that’s cool. What kind is it?

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Tinker-Belle

It’s from

I wonder if they sell them anymore. All I see are the massive power chairs. Unfortunately, for me, that is what Medicare allowed me to get. It’s awesome around the home but it’s a beast and I have no way to transport it.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Tinker-Belle

This is just a manual wheelchair. It is”husband powered.” I have seen some lightweight (about 50 pounds) portable motorized scooters on other sites.

Yeh, I didn’t see manual ones on the website. That’s what I was interested in, too. I currently have a power wheelchair by Edge and a regular sized “husband powered” one as you call it. Funny!

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Tinker-Belle

That’s awesome! What a perfect manual wheelchair.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Tinker-Belle

I know it’s not cheap, but if being truly portable and lightweight us important, then it’s great!


Just looked. Many different options, most have free shipping and many options.

Good wishes and prayers Tinker-Belle. 🙂🙏👍

A friend of mine got his wheelchair from WalMart. com....very lightweight....

It was a couple years ago, but price was about $130

Kenu in reply to greaterexp

Photos please 👍🙏🤗 Ken 🐾🐾

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to Kenu

I thought I posted pictures, but maybe not. It looks just like any other. But I can very easily lift it into the car. Amazing. The foot rests seem a little cheaply made, but overall, it seems very sturdy.

Jackjosh in reply to pamgarner

Exactly love your attitude i feel the same way

love the most my rollator. I can use it to sit on when needed and I can carry things in the pouch. also helps for exercise

I’m verrrry short and my balance isn’t good so one of my favorite adaptive devices is a long handled grabber tool that helps me get light weight things off of upper shelves without getting on a ladder as well as retrieving washed things out of the deep tub in my washing machine.

I also lack grip strength so I have this wonderful jar and bottle opener that works every time. My daughter got it for me when she saw me try several things to get a jar opened. I live solo so gadgets like this are a godsend and make up for my lack of strength. .

I’m short myself. I also lack grip strength. Those sound like some items I could use. I’d like to be able to do more things myself rather than having others do them for me. Thanks for the ideas!

The one thing I have purchased that has increased my accessibility and independence is a Luggie scooter. It folds up like a piece of carry on luggage and can fit into any car. When I first got it a couple of years ago I could lift it by myself. More difficult for me now, but easy for everyone else. I can ride it up to gate of plane, pop out lithium battery and they store it under plane like a stroller and bring it up once we land. I can get battery in and out by myself but someone from airline always checks to make sure I don’t need help. Some days my legs don’t work at all so I use my scooter to get places like church. It allows me independence so I don’t feel like I am ever stuck inside. The pool at the condo where we live is to far for me to walk with my walker so I use my scooter to get to the pool to watch my grandkids or I park it next to the steps and get into the water to do my exercises. It has been a Godsend to me. I paid about $2000 for it. Worth it to be able to maintain some of the lifestyle I used to enjoy.

That sounds wonderful. I have never even heard of this. It absolutely sounds like a Godsend.

greaterexpCommunityAmbassador in reply to DIsneyQueen

I’m so glad to hear you like it. I’ve thought about getting one, but there are so many to choose from. It’s hard to know which ones are really good.

I like my forearm crutches. They are not the typical ones yhey have shock absorbers in the handles and the tips. They are designed to avoid hand and shoulder problems from long term use. Not to mention brought quite a bit my upper bady strength back. I like them bexause there are no limitayuons to where i can go. Other than my own fatigue limitations. Im doing everything possible to stay on my feet for as long as i can. Its challenging at times but i really like them as far as having ro have assistance in getting where i need to go. I want to hike trails and such once again and im getting to where im really close to being off them. Im part timer on and off once again.

Those sound wonderful. I think I could/would have walked much longer if I’d had these. I can’t walk anymore but I try to stand and put weight on my legs several times a day. I bet they would be good with that, too. Hiking would be wonderful. I love the peace that comes when enjoying the beauty in this world. Fall is the perfect time for that, too, in my opinion.

I have been outside quite a bit more. I had some swarms of dragonflies around in the last coupke weeks. I managed to do some necessary chores in getting ready for winter. It is so nice to be able to have the vents and door open not spending money trying ro keep it cool. Before long it will be spending money to keep it warm! 🤣😂

Isn’t it wonderful? I love having the windows open. I will hold off as long as I possibly can before the heat will get turned on! I’ve been enjoying that, too. Swarms of dragonflies...that would be pretty cool to see. I remember when you had that video of the butterfly and how beautiful that was. Are you a dragonfly whisperer, too? 🦋 🤔

Oh no but maybe in going to have a pet dragon? Instead of Pete's Dragon it will be my dragon LOL. Ill have to teach ot how to start all the campers campfires! ... and sell tickets of course!

This is two years in a row ive had dragonfly swarms. This year wasnt nearly as pelntiful as last year. Last year was craxy. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dragonflies were everywhere. I like them because they eat misquitos.

Ya think? That’s something I’d like to see! 😂

That’s odd. I’ve never seen more than one or two at a time. Since they eat mosquitos, I wish we had more here! Mosquitos I can live without!

They eat smaller insects and such and mosquitos are on the menu! In all my years fishing and being out un the outdoors ive never seen a dragonfly swarm until last year. Its not all that common from what i read. I had to look it up!!

I wonder why. That’s pretty special.

I think its pretty awesome. They are a big green Dragonfly and they are pretty cool to see so many. I havent read enough about the phenomenon yet, I really should. I jad a friend tell me it was a sign of good health and fortune, i could use alot of both of those! I am doing better than i have in the past two years so who am i to argue.😁

You have me curious now, too. Sounds like they have certainly been a sign of health and good fortune for you. Keep seeing the beauty everywhere. It does wonders for our hearts and souls. 🌸 🐝 🐞

Oh and here is the link

I got the blue and i replaced the green stripe with reflective orange tape.

Very cool. I’m glad they have helped you so much!

I highly recommend this walker. It has wheels like a Rollator but it’s locked when you use it to stand up. You squeeze the handles when you wanted to go. I found it to be much more stable.

I have a Travel Pro scooter from I didn't want it but my legs have a mind of their own. And trying to walk and balance myself has become very difficult. I miss walking so much. 😥

You and me both!

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