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Eye Dr?

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My neurologist and I communicate through this patient portal and I messaged him because I’ve been dealing with numbness on the left side of my face. Well that numbness turned into double vision after that tingling feeling for a few seconds. And now the numbness and tingling feeling is gone but my vision becomes double randomly through out the day so much I no longer drive long distances alone. I explained this to him and he suggested I see an eye dr.

Mind you, before being diagnosed I seen 2 different eye drs one being a specialist and they directed me to the hospital for my loss of vision because they had no answers. So why would he tel me to go back ?

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I think I would consider finding a new neurologist.


Kindly, visit a Neuro-ophthalmologist near you, at the double.

Getting clarified from a horse’s mouth will definitely ease your problems.

You need to see a specialist fast.

My neurologist just made it seem like a symptom but there’s nothing i can do ? I haven’t been on a preventative yet, I’m waiting for a call to start ocrevus

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Sounds like the neurologist I filed a complaint against - get a new doctor. Is there a MS Center

Have u seen a neuro ophthalmologist who specializes in eye problems associated with things like MS ? Also, what did the neuro suggestbeyond the eye dr?

Amartinez215 greaterexp has a great suggestion: find a new neurologist. In the meantime, try to see a neuro-opthamologist ASAP, or if that isn't possible, go to the ER. Both of these resources will be able to look at the optic nerve to determine if optic neuritis is the probable cause.

I had optic neuritis in September when I was diagnosed, that’s how they caught the MS. I lost vision in my left eye completely, that’s why my dr said it is a symptom since he said my vision can come back not 100% . So optic neuritis can explain the double vision as well?

I’m sorry I’m so new to this and it’s hard especially when I’m questioning my neurologist. I’m trying not to because with my insurance and location all the neurologist had a wait of a few months and I didn’t have time, I really wanted to be on a preventative ASAP . Now if I call around no neurologist will see me til March-April

So sorry you are going through this!

I'm sorry you're caught in a rough situation. We understand, especially as someone new to this experience, what it feels like.

Could you call the neurologist to see about treatment for the optic neuritis or a referral to a neuro ophthalmologist at some point in the future? Perhaps, once you've seen that specialist, you will have quicker access should you have problems in the future.

We'll all be cheering for you to get the Ocrevus started very soon. Please keep us updated. We care.

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Lyssi458 in reply to greaterexp

Thank u

And yes in September I must have gone over a month with no vision out my left eye until they did steroids and kept me in the hospital for 5 days. A month later I had double vision but it was a constant thing. And the same thing they kept me 3 days on steroids. This time it’s not constant it’s normal vision and randomly it will go double for a few seconds then I shake it off . It’s weird

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