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2019 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month

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Susan R – Pearland, TX

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2001. This disease has changed my life in an amazing way. Funny how diseases tend to do just that. You either give up or battle on. I choose to battle on.

I’m not perfect. I have rough days. I cry. I get angry. But then, I pick up a paint brush and I start to create whatever I am feeling. I get lost in a beautiful world of lines and shades and colors. The creation of something visually beautiful helps me to refocus on the fact that I am so much more than my MS.

To express how I feel with art is the purest form of self. It’s a glorious light I hope everyone can envision.

It’s my dream to change lives through my paintings and what better way to do so but to reach out to those suffering from MS and the myriad of other diseases people battle every day. If I can bring just one moment of joy or hope to one who is hurting, then, my mission is complete.

for more information, & send an e-card with this beautiful art: mymsaa.org/artshowcase2018/...

Congratulations Susan, Wonderful Art! So much fabulous talent here on Health Unlocked and MSAA!

8 Replies
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This takes my breath away, she is one talented lady. I love it, I could see that hung on my wall. Very encouraging when you see others chaneling their ms into something positive. 🦋

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Wow 😲How cool 👍🙏😊 Ken 🐾

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This is an amazing piece of art!

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Awesome work!

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It sure is breath taking. Beautiful art!!! 😊❤🌷

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I love this picture! Thank you for posting it CalfeeChick 🤗💕


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Wow, the detail and accuracy ......!

stunning, looks like a photo

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