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2018 MSAA MS Ability Art Showcase Artist of the Month September 2018 is Tania Krawchenko Evans


Congratulations Tania! I love your painting and it's title definitely. Tania's story of overcoming MS symptoms to become an artist of great talent! Well Done, Tania🧡

MS left me right side paralyzed in 2006. I had fully recovered and life was embraced differently. I had a client, her mom at a senior’s residence, invite me to a painting class, my teacher 92! I never painted in my life, I didn't even know how to clean a brush. I had gone to class once a week, for two months and was amazed at what can happen with the right teacher, stroke of a brush and mix of colors!

Similar to piano lessons when I was younger, I wanted to stop “practicing” and do a real painting, so my teacher said go ahead. When I showed her a photo my friend took from her home on Vancouver Island, Canada. I take many photos in Alaska, capturing a moment is all that it is about for me, and this photo, inspired me to paint…a friend’s view in Shirley, British Columbia on the Pacific Ocean. It is actually their view having coffee! I was delighted with what I could do….MS was not going to limit me, and in fact I found out I had new talents to discover.

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That is a great picture! It’s tough to get the waves crashing to look so real.

I saw this on an earlier post. I for got the name of her painting, something related to coffee with a view or something like that. anyway, nice post

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to MS_Indestructible

Yes, title is "Coffee with a View."

Wow! What an amazing picture very well done to her and I love it xxx 😁😁😁😁😁

Just amazing! Kelly

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