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Fruitcake Recipe

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Since the fruitcake tradition appears to be

unstoppable, this year I've decided to replace our

family's fruitcake with a more durable one which

we will cherish for years.


4oz. Fruit Bits

1 Railroad Tie

Wood Saw

large Rubber Mallet

Safety Goggles


get help from an adult!)

Cut a one foot section from the middle of your

railroad tie. The resulting block of wood should

be around the size and shape of a loaf of bread.

Then take some fruit bits and pound them into

the block with your rubber mallet. Don't be afraid

to throw some elbow grease into that mallet! For

best results, you should pre-treat the fruit bits by

setting them to top of your garage for a year (or

microwave them on HIGH for 30 minutes).

Finally, cover it tightly in plastic wrap. and dive

your loved ones the timeless and enduring

gift of fruitcake.

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whenever I try

to eat healthy,

a chocolate bar

looks at me and



I can't wait until I'm

old enough to pretend I

can't hear.

Yup. That sounds like most fruitcakes I’ve tasted. I was given s recipe for a fruitcake with no citron and which is supposed to be actually tasty. Hard to imagine.

😂 🤣 😂


I never had fruitcake It never looked appealing plus I would always hear people say they left it on the shelf for years and it never molded No thank you I will pass

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kycmary in reply to rjoneslaw

That's like the McDonalds hamburger!!

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Can I just have the mallet? 🤔🤣🤗💕


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kycmary in reply to Jesmcd2

Sure rubber or metal I only loan them for 24 hrs.(please wipe your prints off) !!

That's why I like that recipe

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