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Wow I really didn't take my MS as serious as I should have until this current flare up. Stress doesn't do a body good! Now, not working or hardly driving and feeling like a prison in my own home is hitting me hard. I'm trying my best to get through this. Thanks to being on new meds and seeing a new neuro today... he was able to gave me hope and strength. Also... along with God and my angels... my loving hubby, my dogs, my family, and my friends I'm going to get through this. Stay strong! Let go and let God!

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You’re making a lot of adjustments, but that’s life with MS, isn’t it? I guess that’s just plain life, come to think of it!

Yes, for me, the knowledge that God is right here with me is what makes me keep going. I’m so happy for you to have that relationship and such good family support.

I’m sorry your symptoms are on the increase right now with this flare. You’ll be in my prayers. Please let us know how you’re getting along. We can be an entertaining bunch, so visit often while you can’t be out much.

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Thank you for the prayers! And yes, your right. That's just life. You never know so just got to live the best you can.

Hi I know What you mean I am not working And I don’t drive anymore it really is a tuff thing to deal with. Oh yea frustrating sometimes but I am doing pretty good I guess i have been sick and tired of tv it’s not a great thing sometimes I have it on just for background noise.

Take care of your self I’m glad you found a doctor you like.

Good night for now. 😊😋

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Ugh... sorry to hear that you are not able to work or drive anymore. I'm hoping one day you can.

And... I hear you about the TV. All I've been watching is HGTV and Hallmark. I'm going to try to dive into a book though and slowly do house things.

By the way, thanks! Take care of yourself too! Blessings!

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Hi Angid1122 yeah street and MS are never a good mix. What kind of flare up are you having? Think your going to have to go solumedrol?

I hope you like your new neuro! And welcome to the community!🤗💕


Hey there! Thank you! I've been on here for a while, but haven't really posted. Maybe once?!?

Right now... I'm having tingling, spasms, weakness on the right side(on my good side). 👎🏽😖 It's okay though bc the steroids seem to be helping.

How are you this evening?

Hiiiii!!! I'm sorry you're going through this. It sucks. 😕 Things will get better. 😊❤🌷

Thank you! The encouragement def helps! 😊

Glad to hear the new meds are helping. Hopefully you'll get some of your independence back. I dread the day I won't be able to drive anymore. I can just see it now...I'll be like some of the people I see around Charleston driving around on their scooter or tricked golf cart.😊

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Lol! I wouldn't mind that though at all. I wouldn't mind whipping around in a golf cart lol!

By the way, thanks! I will know in a few months from my MRI if the meds are helping. They seem like they are though. Hope all is well with you! Blessings!

Welcome and so sorry for your ms wake up call but it’s never too late to be kind to yourself. Be well 🌈

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Thank you! I'm still smiling and moving so all is good. You guys definitely help! 😊

stress is bad,bad,bad!Emtionally,mentally,physical.I try to avoid it at all cost.Drag you down fast.do whatever it takes to get up, this year at Christmas,I have been handing out candy canes,everywhere I go, people are surprised and makes them smile, I have handed out 6 boxes and wear my Christmas earrings and flashing necklace,,would have never done this 10 years ago too busy,but fun now

Sure is bad! Not worth it at all. Made me realize the changes I had to make in my life for myself and my loved ones!

And... I'm glad u are enjoying this time of year. Always nice to put smiles on peoples' faces! Keep it up! Blessings!

Stress and MS is no laughing matter! I'm so stressed almost all the time so it's hard.

Yeah, I know. Ugh! Trying to think of ways to keep my stress level down. Hard in this world today, but prayer and taking deep breaths is my go to for that and my anxiety.

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