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Does anyone else feel like MS is a monkey on your back. I have been feeling good on tysabri... not GREAT but good. So I will take it. I've been back to work since last Wed. Went to work yesterday doing good picked up my son from school around 4 and we went to Costco. And he helped me so much pushed the cart, helped me load and unload the car and put things away. Here's the thing by the time we got home around 630 I was literally DONE. I managed to help get stuff inside and I crashed. By 7pm I was knocked out on the couch and so tired and sore this morning I stayed home. Literally all I did was go grocery shopping after work! 🤦‍♀️🙄😵

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I understand what you're saying . Today I stayed home as well. My legs were not cooperating with me at all today. I was having a hard time walking and standing. So I literally stayed in the bed all day. Normally I have a day where my legs can recover from the week but I was constantly moving around for 2 weeks without a break so today my legs rebelled against me.

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Don’t you just dislike it when you feel as though you have 10 tonne weights around each foot. Walking is tiring and balance is way off 🎄

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Yes I do it drives me crazy

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It’s frustrating that it can take so little to make us feel as though we’ve run a marathon.

I hope you get some get-up-and-go back soon.

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MS for me is similar, except I look at it more as the elephant in the room rather than a monkey on my back. Your energies will come and go. Crashes can be deep and prolonged as described. Hang in there, be happy you had a good afternoon with your child. Everyone will just have to understand your changes, and together you will improvise, adapt, and overcome to deal with the rest.

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Seems like a lot to me? Work all day, then shop...with and without MS, that’s a long day. Be kind to yourself. I am so used to telling people, I don’t do evening things.

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