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Still taking Avonex and what helps


I’m still taking the Avonex since 2010. just went to the doc and had an mri it did not show any progression the last two I just turned 50 and my doc for the first time talked about stopping at some point. I changed from the manual injection to the pen and it is much easier and so fast! Don’t have to syke myself up to give it sometimes it would take 15 or 30 minutes to finally get the courage. Not anymore you don’t see the needle go in and barely feel it! I used to get flu effects and shakes etc now I take IBuprofen and drink a big glass of water prior to and don’t have the side effects. It helps if you do it just before sleep so you can sleep through the worst. But I work nights so don’t always have that luxury. If I do it and stay busy that helps too but the water and ibuprofen makes all the difference. Hope this helps someone.

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congratulations mate well done

Please eat with the ibuprofen and keep your stomach lined. Thanks for the tips, blessings Jimeka 🦋

Interesting that the Dr is considering stopping your DMT. Many of us here are over 50 and still see big dmt benefits.


Hi Takinstill welcome to the community!☺️

I would really question your neuro about stopping your DMT. You don't want to stop what's working. I'm not a Dr! No one here is!!!

But seems to me if it's working don't stop!!



Hi Tami still,just had my Avonex pen in the thigh muscle.I'm on this with 8 months,I also take ibuprofen every 5 hours.Set my phone alarm to remind myself.Get Flu like symptoms at times if the brufen is not taken.Aches & pains in muscles & joints.Overall I feel ok,tired at times,slight blurred vision sometimes, throbbing calf muscles after lots of walking.I'm a Postman & lucky to be able to work at the moment.Hope your doing well & your symptoms are manageable.

I was fine using it, although I hated the muscle injections.... Stopped due to cost. Went to Ocrevus (stopped due to cost) and am now on Aubagio.

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