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Stress - how does it affect you mentally and physically?


I was wondering how stress affects others mentally and physically

For me I realized the other day mentally I felt like my anxiety level was uncontrollable. I started freaking out and demanding that people stop talking to me. I wasn’t able to focus or concentrate.

Physically my body begins to tense up and become stiff. I have had moments were my body stiffened up to the point that it takes several minutes for me to relax. I recall this one moment I was so stressed I couldn’t get into the car because my leg had tightened up so bad that this muscle bound guy couldn’t bend it. He told me my leg was like trying to bend a metal pole

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I have lost a good bit of weight (food just don’t much appeal to me right now) due to stress, which is strange for me because I normally eat when I am stressed! 🤔

Morllyn, that's scary!😰 Your loosing weight & food not appealing anymore to you cuz of stress & U used to eat when you were stressed, hun, this sounds like a medical issue, I'd tell your Neueo, or pcp about this, maybe it's meds they have U on & could be a bad side-effect?

Better let them know k. Loosing fair amounts of weight is not good for us MSers...K Love💗Prayers🙏& Blessings for ya! Take Care Of U k.---Jazzy🌹💜

I did and it is definitely stress. He put me on some anxiety medication. I stopped losing after 30 pounds, I needed to lose at least 20 of it.

Oh ok, i am very little; 90 lbs. Soaking wet! I am so embarrassed when i go shopping for clothes in little girls/boys section😜 so i cannot loose any more weight, i really need to gain a whole lot, or i never go outside when-ever it is too cold, brrrrrr! I kinda glad I have started hot-flashing last year, 😃👋@ almost 49yrs. Old, only thing that keep me warm in the winter now...

Take care---Jazzy🌹💜

Kenu in reply to Jazzihorsecat

Never had problems being overweight and when I got Cancer I lost 70 pounds 😖. Went from 183 to 112. Has been three years now and about ten months ago I have started to gain a little. I am up to a high of 148 now! 😁🙏. Still have a feeling tube and till I hit 160 pounds and able to eat more Doctor says I will have it. It is great I am moving the right direction. I do feel sorry for those who are trying to loose weight it’s hard. Hope everyone has a great day 👍🙏🐾😉🎃. Ken

Weight has been the bane of my existance! 3-4 months ago I was 260 now I'm down to 240 so thank you stress!!! Lol😧

Stress makes me not eat as well. When I was young I was anorexic. I'm 6' tall and used to weigh 119 pounds. Needless to say I don't have that problem anymore but not eating is still my "go to" when I'm stressed. Usually stress means I don't have control of some situation. Eating is something I can control.

Rjoneslaw, WOWZERS! Your leg was stiff! Woh!😰 I get all tensed up too, my hub/C.G. calls them body quakes/Like EarthQuakes, I clench my jaw-Probably why my teeth cracked & broke, had to get all of'em pulled & I now hit pillows as I broke my wrist in 2009 banging on the metal-bar of my couch/bed, didn't noticed until those broken bones just started to hurt more & more too Scrreaamming inn pain!!!😰😪😭😪WOW! That hurt, fortunatley i had my wrist splint from when i spranged my wrist from picking up heavy residents to put them in their chairs, so kept that on for 10 weeks & it healed up nicley... & stress causes me herpes sore break-outs, those in turn caused my MS some say...So, I do hate, hate Stress!!!😡😈 it is a devil!!! Yukky feeling! But Prayer & my Faith always help, that & taking deep breaths & relaxing, & choco-MJ squares!😍😃💪🙏✊👊 Well, thnks for bringin this topic up, hard1 on that! But Blessings & Love Ya!💖💓💕---Jazzy🌹💜

Rjoneslaw: I understand the struggle of stress, I want to do something when I want to do it. I get pretty irritated when people say I should do this or that. My legs will stiffen up in the winter weather when I go out for dinner or just get outside. Did you over work your legs and are you better?

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