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It’s now been almost seven months...


...Since my warrior fell while transferring to her wheelchair.

The bottom line is that the nerves in her legs never fired again during rehab.

Sadly, she is now in permanent, long-term, skilled nursing, as I cannot take care of her at home. Our apartment is not set up for handicap accessibility, nor am I physically able, at my age, to take care of her.

it’s so sad. 🌕

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Awww, Hidden I am so sorry! I know of how you spoke of her and the devotion. But remember, you are still there for her! 🤗💕

I'm sure she needs you now more than ever.

Please give her our best! And YOU take care of You! 🤗💕


That is very sad Peter, I'm so sorry she can't be home with you. 💔

😢 I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I’m sure you’re missing her! Good luck and God Bless!!!

Peter_H, My heart goes out to you! I can only imagine how hard this is for both of you! Come here and talk with us whenever you get blue and know that we care.

I'm sorry that you both are in this situation. I can hardly imagine what you must be going through.

Remember that though your living arrangements have changed, you are both part of this family. Your example of love, care, and commitment is a blessing to us. I hope you will join us when you can for whatever support we can offer.

Please let your precious wife know that we care about you both. You'll be in my prayers.


Peter_H, I hate to hear when anyone fighting this monster has an accident as devastating as your wife. Know that we're here and we have broad shoulders so you can always contact us and express your feelings, sadness, and concerns to us. We're here to lean on. Please tell your wife even though she's in long-term nursing care she can still access the internet if she has access to a laptop or notebook with internet access and we will be happy to talk to her as well.

I'm sending both you and your wife lots of hugs through this Electronic Connection and many prayers as well. May her guardian angel give her back the use of her legs. And know that she was blessed to have such a supportive husband such as yourself to be there for her. Your devotion is very remarkable and inspiring!

So sorry! Tell her hello from me, please.

Take care of her as well as yourself.


I am so sorry to hear you have to go through something

as painful as this. Take Care of yourself and know that

you can always turn to us to express your feelings.


I'm so sorry to hear that.

My thoughts and prayers for you and your warrior.

So very sad. 😥

I am feeling so sad for both of you. Please remember your extended family here will have you and your wife in our thoughts and prayers always. ❤️

God Bless You both. ❤🌷

So sorry about your wife Hidden but sometimes things in life happen that we can’t control so we just have to do the best we can. I know you miss her being home but now her needs can be met by people who are trained and able to handle daily needs.

My heart and prayers go out to you both. Best of luck and God bless


Oh Peter I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. I understand your concerns about her being in a long term care facility and having to worry about her being there as well. I spent 3 days in a nursing home when I was 1st diagnosed with MS and left rehab and it was the worst 3 days of my life. I begged my husband to break me out and he was very leery about it but finally agreed after they failed to feed me or take care of my needs. Then we established a new normal for the next 5 years as I was still able to walk with a walker and somewhat function on a very basic level which allowed him to work while I was home alone. Then this past October I had my first relapse after a fall getting out of bed and lost my speech all over again and my ability to walk or even take a step and my balance was totally off I spent 4 days in the hospital on IV steroids (which I had to beg the neuro's to give me) and they sent me home with no tapering off still unable to walk, but I did get my speech back. He had to take a few weeks off work to allow me time to recover, but now he is back to work, and I am home during the day myself trying to get used to a new normal. I feel as if we're just one serious fall from being in the same position as you and your wife

I see you live near Chicago have you checked into stem cell treatment with Dr Burt at Northwestern for your wife? he's had some amazing results.


Circumstances preclude her from this. But thanks.

I'm so,sorry.

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