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Bad day today


I do not want to whine. But I cannot walk at all today and my arms are barely moving. I can just type this. I am so tired of this rotten disease. I know..keep on fighting. But I am so tired of fighting. And packing. And expecting our divorce decree any day. It is all too much. I could handle one thing, but not all. My kids are helping. Love to all, Kelly

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Your divorce as gone through quick. I wonder if the weather has anything to do with pain, apart from stress. Big gentle hug, Jimeka 🤗 💐 🍫

Oh Precious Kelley, so sorry bout the pain, it's okay to whine on here! We're your virtual Shouldrr to cry on, we feel for you, heck, we'll cry with you! Many Deep Prayers your way sweety. Do you have any hemp cream? It helps my pain, so does my T.E.N.S. unit... It has massage mode. I hope & Truly Pray🙏 this too shall pass😍😭 sorry again, take deep breaths! You'll be ok👍 Much Love & virtual Hugs!❤(()), Many Blessings!💙---Jazmine💜🌹Rose

What?! Don’t whine because you’ve been so stressed out with your world upside down that now you can’t even move??? 😵🤪👎

I’m tired for you just reading about it! Packing is the pits. Divorce is months of hell, even when you do it with grace.

Your body giving out today has zero correlation to your strength or effort. (This is why I hate the “fight”, etc.) You need a vacation from reality! “Whine” away if you need to, but I wouldn’t call it whining. I hope you get some rest and move a little better tomorrow. Thank goodness for awesome kiddos 😍 Lots of love to all of you! 😘🤗

Amore55 in reply to kdali

kdali thank you. You are so right, I need a true vacation. I mean a real one. Maybe after the House is sold and I am settled. Just being settled sounds delicious.

kdali in reply to Amore55

Love this idea! Maybe one of your kids will be able to join you?

Right?! You can have help with the packing and unpacking but if it’s not organized in it’s place, it’s not done.

Remember the old posts where we would have BBC days. " Busted biscuit can" as coined by Donnie. You need a week or more of these to just lie in bed! Big hug. Doubled51

Doubled51 in reply to Iona60

Thanks for reminding me of the BBC days because I’m in the middle of a week of them myself. Feel like a worm with all the poop slung out of it.😅😂😅🤣


Iona60 in reply to Doubled51

That's a new one!

You deserve a BBC week. I hope it’s not too hot where you live. Take care. Sending positive thoughts and gentle hugs your way. 😀❤️

I'm sorry you are having such a bad day today Amore55 I hope that tomorrow is better for you. Try to rest. You have your kids helping, which is GREAT! Put them to work doing the packing and you just finger point ;)


Virtual hugs are all I can send, but I’m sending hundreds.

Your strength will baffle the weakest of doubters! I understand and free a shoulder to cry on.

okay don't wine, let's call the day a BIT**. call it as you see it. Some days you can't fight anymore. That is the day you lay back and love yourself. Appreciate that you are surviving and you have all of us wonderful supportive people to surround you [virtually]. I too have been have a very difficult time with life. This site helps to keep me going. Maybe take mini vacations, like one day a week you just take care of you and put everything else on hold for the next day. Be good to you, your friend


You're doing TOO much. Not to mention all the stress over under right now. You're in my heart, my thoughts, my list of things worry about, and my prayers. I'll catch up with you later. Sending you hugs and love. Fancy. 💕

Amore55 It's okay to whine! In fact, I think a group howl would be very therapeutic. We could gather in a circle, hold hands, throw back our heads and let it all out. My last house was across a wash and faced a chaparral covered hillside. Coyotes would appear there at night and tell their stories to the mountains and sky. Listening to them, I always thought how healing it would be to let out all the sadness, pain and suffering many of us are forced to carry.

My dear Kelly I’m so sorry for your pain and your body not listening to your brain. But that’s one of the effects of ms huh.😃.

I lose use of my legs at times when I overdo things so maybe a good rest is in order.

As far as the pain goes I wish I had an answer for you and all of us who suffer with chronic pain but I don’t see any help in sight. But we can dream of relief of pain like we dream of a cure for ms.

I pray that you feel better soon just get some rest and take it easy for awhile.

As far as whining goes you are welcome to whine here any time and we’ll be here for you.

Love and hugs to you


Oh Kelly too much Is going on and your body knows it and this is how it’s fighting back. I know you hate to hear this but what’s going on with your temperature and humidity I know here in Massachusetts it has been so Disgusting the humidity has been higher than the temperature. That is not helping me at all my walking is not good at all then you put in everything else that you are going through. Try to get some down time out of the area that is most upsetting to you and go hide some place. I wish you lived near me I would have you come visit even if it was for a couple of hours and we would do nothing. Welcome to my world. LOL hang in there I know that’s easier said than done.

I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm happy your kids are helping. They are blessings! ❤🌷

Sorry this is happening to you, Hope things get better for you real soon.

Hi Kelly,

I hope this is a better day for you. I wish I lived close by so I could come and help you pack. You really have a lot on your plate right now. Be good to yourself, and rest as much as you can. 💕 Linda

I understand the stress and falling apart. Different reasons, but still. Sisters in stress we must hold each other up...

Amore55 We are here for you. I hope things get better.

Wen i had to back up my 2 bedroom house to all fit in a car to drive back to texas- i had to get brutal. I had get to the core of what mean the most to me and the rest was either thrown out or went to good will. Sometimes goodwill or salvation army comes to pick up

It sucks but its better than packing, moving and then unpacking something that u really dont need or want. (And of course the things ur ex husband wants can accidentally end up and good will😁

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