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Laughter is the Best Medicine


Hey Everyone,

Is it just me or does everyone these days have a license 'vanity' plate? I saw this gem on Pinterest and I laughed so hard, well, let's just say that I was glad to be at home!

So, what is the funniest license plate that you have seen?

Or, perhaps, what is a funny story, that you wish to share, about your travels?

I hope that you enjoy the journey on your way to a destination!

Carole :-D

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Hey Carol, it's Fancy1959. Being of license plates that are vain. I didn't see a funny plate that I could remember but the most vain plate I saw was as lady driving this SUV that was all decked out and her license plate read Diva #1. I do believe she felt pretty highly of herself don't you! LOL! These so-called Divas aren't worth the salt it would take to dry them up into little old prunes! They can't lift the finger because they're afraid they might break a nail! Fortunately for me, I never hung out with that type of crowd! If I think of a funny plate that I saw I will write again. Fancy.

That is so, so funny. When I stop laughing I will have a think, thank you, I needed a good laugh 😂

That's a funny one!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

license plate seen in DuBois Pennsylvania. DUBWAH

in reply to Iggyvair

And DUBWAH means?

French pronunciation of Dubois

Oui, oui, tres bien!

It was in a hospital doctors parking lot. I assumed some French doctor did not care for the English pronunciation of his town

in reply to Iggyvair

Proves that doctors do have a sense of humor! :-D

That’s a great plate! Thanks for the laugh.

Saw one a while back that said, "Got a gun for my husband. Pretty good trade!" I know it's not very nice, but I thought it was funny.

Wow, that's straight to the point! :-D

Haven't seen any funny vanity plates but when I was a kid I saw a bumper sticker that I didn't understand until I had kids of my own.

"Grandchildren are parents revenge on their children."

in reply to Peruzzot

Yep, I see that one all the time! Now, if only I can put it in practice... :-D

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