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The right to privacyrar


I have had MS for decades. I live in an assisted living facility. I take lots of meds, and I have lots of disorders, so I see a neuropsychiatrist for med management. Recently, I signed release of info forms because I was asked to do so. I had a panic attack in March, and suffered exhaustion which in turn complicated matters. I am probably going to be asked to leave as they have a right to deny my living here. I have good credit, no court records, or aggressive behavior, or even ever been a threat to myself or others.

I'm afraid and I have no one to help me. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to offer?

I am new here. When I discovered this site, it was a shimmer of hope I felt as you might be of help.



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Can your medical team advocate for you or put you in touch with those who can? Do you have any family at all? Are you associated with any church? If your city is of much size at all, there should be some resources. Have you checked with MSAA or any of the other MS-related sites?

I'm not sure what your situation is or why you would be asked to leave, but hope you can get some assurances about your living arrangements quickly. Please keep us updated about how you're doing.

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All great ideas greaterexp

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I agree, MSAA may be a good place to start. It sounds like you need a patient advocate.

First talk with God. I have had MS for over 30 now. My husband and very best friend went home to the Lord 15 years ago but I believe I am still here for a reason and that God does not give us anything we cannot handle. In your residence find a friend you can talk with everyone needs a friend. Good luck and God bless you

All great advice for u, from Greaterexperience. Also, look around for an ombudsman's phone # to contact, i used to be a Med Aid (QMAP) CNA studying to be a Registered Nurse B. S.N. so, i do know an ombudsman/woman could help you out!💛❤💜😻🐾Many Blessings & A Very Warm Welcome to you to our supportive family of MS Warriors!---Jazzyinco


Welcome to our online My MSAA Community, Wut2do . Please contact our Client Services Specialists, as they may be able to share possible resources for your situation. You can contact them by calling our Helpline at (800) 532-7667, extension 154; via email at, or via online chat (during select business hours) at

- John, MSAA

I'm glad you've found the Community, Wut2do, and I'm sorry for the situation you're encountering. I don't know the circumstances or why the facility would ask you to leave, but the suggestions others have provided here so far have been great. As others have mentioned, I would strongly suggest getting in touch with your county's office on aging and disability services to contact the local Long Term Care Ombudsman in your area. You can also try to contact your state's office of disability rights that may offer additional information and referrals too. I hope you don't have to use such resources but in the event that you do I hope these would be helpful to get started with.

Take care,

Angel, MSAA Client Services Specialist

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