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The MSAA MRI Access Fund assists with the payment of cranial (brain) and c-spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans for qualified individuals who have no medical insurance or cannot afford their insurance costs and require the exam to help determine a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or evaluate current MS disease progression.

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Great info and a reminder of everything that MSAA does for those of us that may need some help along the way. If you go to and look under "How MSAA can Help" You will see a drop-down list of many helpful areas. Best to you! Lynn

A fantastic program and everyone that I spoke to last year when I applied were so kind and very helpful. Took about two weeks for approval. You do have to use a facility they choose but they’ll try to get you close to where you live. I am glad they include the spine now in the program. Only issues I had were from the facility as they were not knowledgeable about the program but when I called my counselor at msaa she took care of it and all went smoothly and I had my mri. Thank you msaa!

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to Doodles57

Thanks Doodles57 I'm so glad everything went smoothly for you! After the small hicup.☺

I am glad that was able to help☺


johnMSAAAdministrator in reply to Doodles57

So glad our program could help, Doodles57 ! We'll make sure to pass along your kind words to our Client Services and MRI Access Fund teams.

- John, MSAA

Doodles57 in reply to johnMSAA

Please do! I just can’t say enough good things about how wonderful everyone has been to me when I needed help!!!

johnMSAAAdministrator in reply to Doodles57

Kind words like this truly make our day!

- John, MSAA


Thanks for posting, bxrmom ! Always good to remind people of this resource available for people across the country.

And we're proud of the MRI Access Fund and all of our programs and services under the "How MSAA Can Help" tab, CalfeeChick ! That tab is a good place to start if anyone is looking for, well, how we can specifically help.

- John, MSAA

Good to know! I have insurance but an extremely high deductible. I figured if the dr. wanted an MRI this year I would have to skip it. Now, perhaps, I won't have to.

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