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Crying fits And or mini breakdowns


Just had my first one. Expect many more. As with anything the mere shock of diagnosis and the reality setting in that life is about to change I suppose is just to much to handle sometimes.! I have had much trauma in my life most of rather recently. Last may I lost part of my hand in a machine malfunction at work which I still haven’t fully dealt with and now this it sure seems like traumatic events seems to be a huge part of my life.

One day at a time, I know. But for me right now it seems more like one minute at a time.

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Sorry to hear about your hand and now MS😢 It is hard to deal with life and its ups and downs 😫. It took lots of prayers 🙏 to keep me going 👍. I lay in bed 🛏 mediating and pray and turn it over to the Lord 🙏👍 This is a great place to vent and we are here to listen. My prayers are with you 🙏🐾🐩 Ken

Jeremyhess1980 in reply to Kenu

Thank you

Yes many ups and downs like that of a roller coaster which I am not a fan of. I also have to move out of my house since I lost my job recently which is very upsetting cause it such a peaceful place right on a river and far from everything but maybe right now being far from everything isn’t such a great idea. Wish I had more time to let treatments work before I had to move and maybe get work again but time is far to often not on our side 😴

Hello Jeremyhess1980. I feel that it’s nothing wrong with crying with the diagnosis of this disease, I think it’s a natural emotion when you’re told and holding it in is worst than letting it out. You’re not alone here. I think a lot of us went through the same thing (I know I cried). That’s why we need good support and shoulder to lean and cry on if needed. I wish you the best and hope you feel better.


I’m sorry youve been through a great deal and have the added pressures of moving. Life never seems to be fair about spreading out difficulties.

We moved last August from 20 acres to a tiny lot in town. It’s honestly been the best thing for my family and me. Nearly everything is 5 minutes away, and though it was a big change from the farm, we’ve adapted quickly. I pray that this is the case for you, and that the advantages of moving will be numerous.

Please join us as we cry, vent, and laugh with one another.

Let us know how the move goes.

Your in my prayers, too.


Thank you

I can’t imagine leaving a 20 acre farm, that’s one of dreams as I love the country. Wide open spaces is something that’s very important to me and moving to the city weights heavily on me. I was born and raised in the country but had spent many years living in the big city of Philadelphia but the stress of city life got to me after several years. I hoping it’ll be different this time

I had to move from a house I designed on 4 acres into suburbia. I now live in a 1-story house so if I fall at least it's on level ground. It was an adjustment to be sure but we found a fairly quiet neighborhood with things close by. It was difficult to leave my (really big!) house that I designed to suit my family to a much smaller house, but now I have adjusted to it. We "only" had to look at 45 houses to find the one that would work! It's okay now as we work on it to make it our own.


I think we all go through this,the crying, the anger, the blame.

It's all natural, and yes its a roller coaster for sure. I still cry. I cried yesterday, full out on the floor, balling. It happens.

And it's ok.☺🤗


Sounds a bit like my life!😝😂

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis but glad you joined our Merry Band of MS fighters.

Think nothing of the crying. I was in hospital when I was dx and I laid in my bed and cried and cried. It’s truly a life changing experience. But having this chat room has truly been a blessing. When nobody else understands people here do. So when you need us we’re here.

And yes I still cry occasionally.



Jeremyhess1980 First of all, I want to say how glad I am that you have joined our group. And Welcome, as I've not seen you here before. You know, it's perfectly ok to cry, rant, yell, scream and let it out. I didn't know a thing about MS until they started testing me to find out why I went from healthy, active senior lady to practically an invalid overnight. Yes, that's how it hit me. Like a Mack truck! I'm so sorry about the accident with your hand. That must of been physically and mentally devastating and then you get slammed with MS. It's tough, but we are here for you and eventually you might be able to help another newcomer to the group. We are not just MS, we are "Mighty Strong!" And glad to have you join us. I saw your other post about vitamins, so will combine my answer here. Yes, Vitamin B12, B Complex, and D3 are all helpful in building your immune system for your journey with MS. I also take Biotin, there are a couple of kinds if you are looking for them at a pharmacy or Cost-co. Get the one for health, there's also one for beauty that helps build stronger hair and nails. There's a treasure of information on MSAA. Check it out, lots of information. As a suggestion, if you are looking for information all around the internet, stick to one or two sources as it can get so confusing sorting out all the information out there. We are here for you. Feel better and keep coming back, Lynn aka CalfeeChick

Thank you

Glad to have found this group. I haven’t felt good for a year or so kept telling myPCP but he put me on Prozac and said I was bipolar, which I’m not (had an evaluation) he blew me off time and time again. So I started going to the ER A LOT with my complaints and finally it was an ER doctor that referred me to a neurologist. i don’t see that PCP anymore and I don’t take Prozac either. I have little faith in doctors now but having got a diagnosis for what’s causing all my issues has restored some minor faith in one or two doctors. While I am weak both physically and emotionally I continue to fight as we all do but some days are obviously easier than others. Like you said about it hitting you like a Mack truck I feel the same. I was working till 3 weeks ago when I collapsed at work after trying to stand 3 times and falling 3 times I had some coworkers carry me to the office my neurologist don’t think it was related but ever since I havent worked or drove, but getting strength back slowly and definitely haven’t felt the same.

I’m a firm believer no one knows our bodies like we do. I listened to my body and fought hard against what I was told which I knew wasn’t right, I got answers finally. Not what I wanted and surely not what any of us wanted but ya know it’s what we got.

I come across a post every once in a while on the dreaded Facebook: GOD ONLY GIVES US WHAT WE CAN HANDLE SO THAT MUST MEAN WE ARE BADASS. I have to believe that, we all must believe that for it might be the only thing that holds us together on any given day.

This group has helped me so much already and I hope one day I can help someone feeling the way I do right now. I WILL ALL BE OK 👌🏻

Hi Jeremy! Welcome! I too cried a lot too about 1-2 months after being diagnosed May,2014. Noticed that I cried even when I was happy. I was also diagnosed with PBA due to the area of damage to my brain. I take Nudexta and now have returned to my old self. I also applied for disability myself and had a friend help me be honest when I filled out the paperwork. I also had appointment by phone since my vision was effected also. Reminded myself, I am disabled now. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings Cynthia

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