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This is my first post


Hi you can call me Turbo. I had my first symptoms of MS in 2003. I was not diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS until 2006. I started on Copaxone and have used it ever since. I have had almost all the symptoms of MS at one time or another, but fortunately I have not had an exasperation in several years now.

I do have problems with walking, (I limp), fatigue, incontinence, numbness in my left hand an electric shock down my legs and a few others. I take meds to help with all my symptoms. I am still trying to learn not to overextend myself and get exhausted. Other then all that I consider myself blessed that I can still get around and be useful.

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turbowilt, Welcome! We will become your new best friends.

Welcome, Turbo... glad you're here🌻


Hi and WELCOME! 😊

Welcome 🙃


I’m glad you found us. Having had MS as long as you have, I’m sure be able to offer lots of insights.


Welcome and I hope you continue doing well.

Nice to meet you turbo. I love your attitude of felling blessed. Yes, it’s so important to continue to feel useful. My symptoms are very similar to yours. I was on copaxone for 4 years. Last year my neuro switched me to Ocrevus infusions. I haven’t noticed any difference so far. I was really happy to find this site. I’m glad you did too. Wishing you all the best. Linda

turbowilt Welcome to this wonderful group of caring people! I am Jessie, and I too was diagnosed in 2006 and started on Copaxone. Had to switch off it last year as the welts were getting to be too much, even after switching to 3 times a week. They just were not going down like they used too so I switched to Tecfidera in April of last year and have been doing pretty well on it.

I do get numbness in my right hand and then it gets cold after a while but then it feels fine. I do get spasticity mostly in my left leg after a blood clot I had in my left leg in 2008 and that is managed with baclofen & Zanaflex. I can still get around and do things around the house for the most part. Fatigue does get me sometimes if I overdo it. I don't drive anymore after my last relapse in 2008 with the flu because I get vertigo that doesn't allow me to, which is unfortunate cause I do miss it.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you and welcome to this wonderful and caring group!


Welcome Turbo! I was also diagnosed in 2006 and was on Copaxone till last Year. My doctor and I decided that my MRI scans had been about the same for 13 years so we chose to stop the Copaxone for 6 months, MRI was the same, and now I am free of the shots but will do another MRI in January of next year. I will admit to turning 70 this year and had read an article about the DMT not working after a certain age and my neurologist agreed. Some neuro docs do not. 😀

Welcome turbowilt !

turbowilt Welcome! I'm happy to meet new people but I'm sad to hear of another case of MS.Youare in the right place for questions compassion concerns conversation...caring.Ive been blessed also with dealing with symptoms but each day

Hello Turbo and welcome to this wonderful community. People here are so very friendly and helpful. Some of the posts and answers give helpful information you can try yourself. I hope you feel better soon. As for that bladder problem, talk to your doctor about a bladder sling. I got one and the leaking completely stopped. It's outpatient surgery. I went to the beach the same day. There was no pain or discomfort. It sure helped me feel better.

Turbo. Interesting name. Your description of symptoms sounds pretty darn close to mine. I , however, have chosen to pass on treatments recommended by my neurologist. See, I am accustomed to the strange and unusual things my body does. So much so, that sometimes, I forget that not everyone will not suddenly feel tiny icepicks stabbing into their bodies, or have their shoulder just start twitching. My favorite? Sometimes, when I’m not paying attention, I will do more than I should throughout the week and on my Friday, I oversleep. I mean like an hour. I can’t get out of bed. Like I’m just paralyzed, but I’m not. So I’m already late, but I have to start stretching every muscle. Charlie horse fun starts. They don’t go away. I get to work and am accused of making up the issue. I didn’t rush because if I had, I’d never make it out the door. As it was, I dropped my keys 10 times, forgot my keys, forgot my bag, forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair,..,etc. . The hardest part for me is the feeling that people seem to think I make this up. Use MS as an excuse to do whatever I want. So laughable! I haven’t been able to do whatever I want EVER...because of MS. Haha!!

You must’ve wanted to connect for some reason. It’s been a year and just one post? I hope all is well. ❤️

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