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Flying out of this deep freeze

My son just called his father about something all I asked was what is your temperature. He said 57*F

I am so HAPPY 😀 it’s going to be so good since our temperature is the high of 1*F. I am going stir crazy 😜 no one is letting me go out side even the woman who does my hair. She called me and told me not to go out. Now that’s cold (weather that is)

I need to go out and get some things???

I think 🤔 the Internet is working but I won’t say that too loud.

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Yay! Happy New Year and enjoy warmer temps!


I’m hoping it stays warm out there even double digits would be nice this single digit needs to go back up to Canada 🇨🇦 I don’t want to share any more.


When do you go ssdw1958 ?

Take this cold with you please and leave it there!😄

J 🌠

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Jesmcd2 NO NO if I take it, that means I will be in the deep freeze out there. I’m going out on Thursday and guess what we are supposed to have a know what Easter “snow” I am praying that it comes in later. I don’t want to be sitting in a plane ✈️. Then I heard on Saturday in Massachusetts it’s supposed to be like-35*F I hope that was wrong. For everyone’s sake.

I did ask my son in Utah what the temperature was and it was 37*F

Now I will try to bring back the warmer weather here but I think the people in Canada 🇨🇦 are going to keep on sharing with us.


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