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Well we had a very chilly weekend at our house. Our furnace had a problem and the repair people didn't have the part until they could get one on Monday. It was out when I woke up Saturday morning and didn't get warm until dinner time on Monday. My kitties were huddling under the covers on my bed Sunday! I had to be careful where I sat if I went in my bedroom! Over $700 later it's fixed... (grrr) So a fixed furnace will be our Christmas present this year...

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Glad you got it fixed 🤗 Bad time of the year to have that happen 😐 Hope things go better here on out 🙏👍❤️ Ken


Oh I know how that goes I am glad you have heat now. I’ve gone through times like that. You are always more appreciative of something more when you don’t have it. Been there done that. I am happy for you.


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