Day 18 Gratitude

Day 18 Gratitude

So many blessings in my life. Today I am grateful for my adult step-son, who takes time from his busy life to take me to lunch and spend time with me. We met when he was in college and is now a very successful businessman, father and grandfather! We've always had a special friendship. I am very proud of him. He is quite the adventurer and climbs some of the tallest peaks and climbs frozen waterfalls!

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  • You are a very lucky person.

  • That is wonderful CalfeeChick ! Such a handsome young man!

  • That’s great to have someone so special 😃 👍🤗

  • He sounds like a wonderful young man! You are blessed!

  • CalfeeChick, That is awesome! I only have one Son and he is so busy with his own life that I hardly see him. I have a little "jelly" on my face!

  • Thank you, he is really a wonderful man. Because of issues we both had with his dad, we share a bond. I get some unusual looks when we see either his or my friends. He is only 13yrs younger than I. His dad was 12 yrs older than me. At least, our good friendship came out of that relationship. I have 2 daughters that are always too busy for me.

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