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From Atlanta, Georgia originally, still in north Georgia. Diagnosed with RRMS October of 2008. Divorced (ex-husband, who was a fire fighter "could not" handle) he calls every few days to check on me. Been on Copaxone, had tissue damage, swapped to Tysabri and now (October) being swapped to Ocrivus

System keeps spelling, I know correct way to spell and say. Am nervous about switching!

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Hi Sggmcswain-see how fast you got so savvy getting around here?!! You are Still in Georgia, north tho it is, do you tolerate that heat well? We moved back to KS from NC & I felt I Had to get the heck outta Dodge-tho we're in Wichita!! I am so tired of being housebound by heat, but haven't the energy to do much else. What a catch-22.

I think you're very brave to try the other drugs! I've been on the same one since 1994, let my neuro talk me into trying Tecfidera, and I lasted 2weeks. It's surely shows how different folks are...what they can tolerate well vs not! Went back to my old, original Avonex and one day decided I've had it. I'm fed up. Did my two last shots and never refilled them. Until I saw my new neuro in May and he did some light pleading to get me to 'consider' going back on it. I've had a separate heat issue ensuing, and if you had a gun to my head I couldn't say if it started before or after I restarted my shots. I've got to try and remember to ask my husband about it. I'm glad at least your ex can "handle" checking on you!

Don't be talked into anything! Do your research, don't be afraid to ask Any question. I find having MS unlike most other things I've had to deal with, but you certainly have to advocate for yourself. I'm glad my husband insists on going to my appts cuz I can't remember nothin! I hate it but what can I do?!!


I am also switching from Tecfidera to Ocrevus I have been off of Tecfidera for one day I am not sure what is going on but my walking has changed to the better meaning I can lift my foot just a little bit more than I could 24 hours ago. I have been on Tecfidera for 3 years maybe it's that and many not. When I first got on Tecfidera my walking got better I couldn't sap my fingers before I got on it and when I got on it I could snap my fingers. I will let you know what happens.

You see I was told to come off the Tecfidera before I begin the Ocrevus ( my phone spells it with a e ) these phones have a mind of there on, Siri's will tell me when she doesn't like when I say something. LOL


Love the spell check on these phones! Just lovely


I must say I am not the best speller but it is sad when I know when my phone has spelt something wrong.


Switching from Tysabri but this better help/work. Family has had a "talk" to me. Yeah...


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