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Opportunity to help with research-PPMS

Hi All, I got this info today & thought I'd share in case any are interested. This is from an email from The Accelerated Cure Project:

A pharmaceutical/biotech company is looking for people with PPMS and/or their care partners to participate in a Medical Advisory Board meeting. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 8 and Thursday, November 9 in Los Angeles, CA.

The goal of this meeting is to ask people diagnosed with PPMS and their care-partners to share their perceptions of PPMS care and treatment options, their own treatment choices, and their experiences and challenges with PPMS. This advice and personal insight will support the pharmaceutical/biotech company’s work in providing information about their product and engaging with the MS community in the future.

The pharmaceutical/biotech company will reimburse the travel expenses of invited participants, and provide an honorarium as thanks for their time and participation.

Participants must:

Be between the ages of 18 and 55

Have a diagnosis (made by a physician) of PPMS for 3 to 10 years

Not currently be participating in an MS drug clinical trial

Have not previously participated in Patient/Care-partner Medical Advisory Board(s)

Be interested in participating, with or without a care-partner; and

Be willing and able to travel to Los Angeles, for a two half-day meeting on Wednesday, November 8 and Thursday, November 9 in Los Angeles, CA. The meeting will be held at a hotel within the LAX International Airport.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ali Anastasia at Ashfield Healthcare by email (ali.anastasia@ashfieldhealthcare.com) or phone (203-918-9501).

Wishing you all a happy Fall season!

The Accelerated Cure Project Team

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Thanks for the info. Sure hope some are able to participate and get good results. I am ready to jump at these opportunities, getting bummed out in that i'm always too old to participate 🙃🙁😃

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