The beginning

I rember when I found out I had MS I was scared I was just told I have a disease and there is no cure for it oh by the way you are also pregnant. I rembet all I could think is am I gonna be able to see this baby grow up to be an adult. I have he is now going to be 27 in December 19,2017. I have tried several medications and a big difference since I was diagnosed in 1990 there was no medications available. I REALIZED I AM A SURVIVOR!! P.S by the way I did a clinical trial for MS and it helped me learn more about and make friends that were like me.

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  • maryannd, you're quite a veteran! Congratulations on doing so well!

  • Thank you sometimes not so easy if it wasn't for my family I don't know what I would do.

    When I first found out I had MS was when my son Josh passed away on my mom's Birthday and by the way the doctor said I was pregnant and I said no. Although I have a very healthy son Jonah who has had his experience with Valley Fever and he survived after trial and error on the doctors part. He is married and has a wonderful wife and son.

  • maryannd, I just read your reply to Raingrrl and realized I hadn't met you yet. So welcome! What a blessing to read about your beginnings and where you are now. It must have been frightening at the time of your diagnosis. We're all happy you're here (but sorry it's because of MS). And thenloss of your son? I can't begin to imagine that. You've really been through a lot. Blessings to you...and we hope you find this to be a great place to share, vent and encourage. 💕

  • I am really glad this is available because when I first found out there was really nothing except Clinical Trials where you meet people who are going things like you and you find out you are not alone.

  • Oh my, you are a strong 💪 Warrior !! In my words, I am very sad that you lost your precious Angel Josh, no words can truly express the sorrow.🙏🙏 You are Blessed with now, an adult son, his wife and a precious grand baby. You are a Great Survivor!!

    So glad that you joined us here in this chat room. Welcome to you!! I am older, 69 yrs, just DX within this last year. I’m a fighter, just started a new med in Oct that has revived me, my focus, energy, and as I told my hubby, things are going to happen around here! Best to you, never give up! Lynn

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