I want to thank the people in this Community for supporting my petition on which aims to have the Congress amend the anti-kickback provision of the Social Security Act so that disabled MS patients who receive SSDI and seniors aged 65 and older who must rely on Medicare Part D or other government-assisted prescription plans to get direct financial assistance for their MS medications directly from the drug manufacturers. The current law leaves a whole segment of the MS population without adequate assistance which would help them obtain their lifesaving medications, leaving many of them to go without their necessary meds just so that they and family or just as individuals can survive. This never should happen to any American!

For those of you who have not seen the petition, here is the link. Please give it your careful consideration and then sign to help these Americans who have no other way to afford their meds. Again, thank you for your support!

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  • I'm hoping to help you reach your goal of 100 by today!!


  • Thanks for your support, kj!

  • Signed and shared on Facebook! Only one more needed to reach goal! :-)

  • Thanks so much, Ashirva, but we aren't done yet! With everyone's help and support and sharing with their social media friends and contacts, I hope to start a movement that Congress can no longer ignore!

  • On my way over to sign now and share

  • Thank you, Pistol! Every signature is important!

  • I am relatively new to the MS world. I posted a link on another thread where you mentioned this petition.

    I can't bring myself to sign your petition. A bit of quick research turns up information about many programs to assist Medicare recipients and those without insurance. I know from experience that there are ways that drug companies assist Medicare patients with prescriptions costs. They go through a different process usually through the doctor instead of directly to the patient.

    My ex-husband got help with his prescriptions that way for years,probably still does. He was on Medicare and Medicaid.

    If you aren't getting the help you need,talk to your doctor . If one doctor doesn't have a way to help,try a different one because there are ways and programs!

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