Thanks for your support, friendship, and love!

I wanted to thank my extended family for your patience, support,and understanding. I'm feeling better physically and have had time to work through my issues that MS caused me. I'm back and hopefully stronger for the recent struggles I have endurded and worked through. I've missed talking with you all! Fancy!

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  • Welcome back Fancy! You have been dearly missed. We are so glad you are feeling better and able to rejoin us!


  • So glad to have you feeling a little better and see you here! The range of feelings, both physical and mental that I've experienced in the last 14 months since the MS truck hit me has been incredible. I was always the optimistic one, mentoring and trying to be helpful. I sure need that person back. Not to mention the numbness, tingles and little muscles spasms and other array of symptoms. Just happy to see you back on here.

  • Fancy1959 I am so happy to hear your voice! You have a special place in my heart. So glad you are feeling better. Kelly

  • Fancy1959 we missed you too! So glad you're feeling better 💕

  • Yes! She's back! Keep getting better!

  • We definitely missed you. You always have kind words and observations for everybody. I also was away for about 4 days for personal issues.

  • She's back and stronger than ever - yes, Fancy1959 !

    - John, MSAA

  • Fancy1959, Welcome back! Glad that you are stronger and ready for battle!

  • Fancy1959 yeah, she's back. The ms warrior is back in action. So pleased that you have won the battle you were in, a true ms fighter, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

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