New Ocrevus Findings Continue to Show Benefit

New Ocrevus Findings Continue to Show Benefit


Nice to see the research continuing to report positive findings in both RRMS and PPMS. While it is still early days for this particular B-cell depleting therapy, my neurologist said that based on what is known so far, the general expectation is for Ocrevus to become a leading front-line treatment recommendation for MS, and possibly "the" leading treatment.

Time will tell. :-)

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  • Great to hear positive results!

  • It seems to take a long time to gather all the information on a medicine, but I'm grateful to learn that it looks very promising! Thanks for posting the link!

  • dianekjs thank you 🦋 🌈🌈

  • That is good to hear, happy news indeed. 😀

  • So glad! I am waiting to get started myself

  • Let us know when you're scheduled, and best of luck! I am now Day 4 post 2nd infusion and doing ok other than a persistent headache (happened the first time too). It will take some time to assess any effect, I'm told, so I will continue to be patient and hope for the best. :-)

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