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I am having the hardest time finding a good nuerologist in the area I live in. SLO CA... and before that Monterey CA. Both central coast of CA. Seems people don't move here for the great drs. Available. Most people I meet, drive several hrs. North to S.F. And South, to Santa Barbara and LA. This is too far for me to go for a good dr for MS. Any one have any referrals closer to me in San Luis Obispo area?

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  • Ponymonroe you can call MSAA. They can give you some names.

    800 532-7667 ext 154

    Jes 🌠

  • I'm on that right now, they have helped me in the past with cooling equipment . I hav a real issue with heat. Thanx

  • A lot of us have a problem with heat Ponymonroe . I have to say that's one of the things MS has taken that I hate😠 I so love the sun 🌞.😊

    Now I go outside in the morning before it gets to hot 🔥. And like you I love my cooling wrap!

    Jes 🌠

  • Ponymonroe Me too, It is only 82 here but super humid and I was outside and basically got sick. I hate it!


  • Look up Terry Wahls MD on YouTube. It's working for me :) #imgoingtobeatmsbeforeitbeatsme

  • Ponymonroe I lived in SLO when I was a child. Beautiful area!! I'm surprised with as much as that area has grown, that there isn't a good neurologist there or nearby.

    You've probably already done this but in case you haven't... Have you tried calling Central Coast Neurology and asking if they have any MS neurologists?? Explain that you are new to the area and have MS so you are looking for a neurologist that specializes in MS and is taking new patients. Sometimes you will get good/helpful answers from the people answering the phone. You could also try the same approach by calling your local hospital neurology dept. Just a thought.

  • Ponymonroe I am sorry it is so hard. You would figure in your area there would be more! I live in the suburbs of Chicago and have a numerologist but they don't specialize in MS, I have to travel to Chicago which is over an hour plus away for my specialist. I can't drive so it really sucks. My wife has to take of work. I wish I could help you!

    Good luck


    P.S. We are all here when you need to vent or need to have prayers!

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