A brief matter of concern

Last week was crazy. I had a dental appointment on Wednesday, and those sort of appointments always cause me some anxiety. Making that transfer from my wheelchair to the exam chair is tricky, but manageable. I made it home with no issue, but then when I tried to transfer to the toilet, my right knee decided it wasn't going to hold me up. I didn't fall, but it made going to the bathroom a little more difficult because I had to move a whole lot slower than normal. The bigger inconvenience came when I couldn't transfer to my comfy recliner. I wasn't able to trust the muscle to maintain enough tone to safely pivot where I don't have extra support. Sleeping in my power chair is doable, but neither particularly comfortable or restful.

And I was more than a little concerned about the future if my mobility had changed.

Thankfully, by the end of the day Thursday, everything was back to normal. (This issue with my knee isn't new, it's been happening for years, but having it last more than a few minutes is new.)

I haven't had any further trouble with knee.

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  • Glad to hear that everything is back. Stay strong.

  • You did well managing everything despite the weakness, Eleyne92. Is your neuro aware of this transient weakness? I wonder if there is something physically causing the weakness or if it is MS-related. If it's physical, maybe your doc can recommend a brace or such to provide more support?

  • I already have a brace for that knee, as well as an AFO. I had the orthotist evaluative both my knee and ankle last spring and we determined that what I had was still the most effective solution to my multiple issues.

    I don't feel the sudden muscle release is specifically MS related. I've injured my knees in the past, so I'm not surprised if the MS just decided to remind me of those old injuries.

    My hubby comments on my slow transfers and I have to remind him that I'm not having trouble transferring, I'm making sure all of my body parts are working properly and together so I stay safe.

  • Let's hope it was just the anxiety of going to the dentist that caused you to have a psuedo exacerbation. Glad you seem back to normal now.

  • Thanks. It may have been the anxiety. I'll have to keep that in mind in August when I have my bone density scan and have to make another tricky transfer.

  • That was a scary event, but I'm so glad you are doing better and now know that this can happen. I know we can't prepare for every thing, but it's good when we have warning signs so we can try to prevent falls and serious injury.

    Take care!

  • Thank you. Quick is no longer in my vocabulary. I've come to embrace Mr. Safe Turtle ... especially with transfers. 😉

  • @Eleyne92, I've had a lot of dental work over the years and am not overly anxious about dentists, but since MS came along, many dental procedures are rough for me. It often takes a few days just to get over one of them. I can manage a cleaning but anything involving drilling, anesthesia, extractions, root canals, even some Xrays--or anything that means a long time spent in the dentist's chair--I'll have problems. Some of the problem may be the anesthesia, but some of it is from sitting in that chair at an odd angle for so long. Some dentists want me flat on my back and I just can't do that and I tell them so. Dentists don't seem to concern themselves with the problems faced by people with MS, and that is too bad. You might have to speak up for whatever methods work best for you so you can prevent problems like the buckling knee. Maybe a strategically placed pillow would help?

  • You have a point there, agate . The dental chair is exceedingly comfortable for me BUT I can't move myself around when I'm in it ... and I was cold. Normally, the hygienist gets me a blanket, but we both forgot it this time. (After a lifetime of 'bad' dentists, I've finally found one I really like. It's just the game my mind plays with me on these transfers.)

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