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We moved out of our home Wednesday and Thursday. Everything's in a storage warehouse. Settlement was Friday. We're living in a corporate apartment for 5 weeks until our home is ready. At first I didn't like the whole apartment idea, but it's a blessing in disguise. My body desperately needs this break before getting to the next half of this move. We're moving b/c of the MS. One floor living with handicap features are a necessity for me now-- but moving with MS is HARD. We've been preparing for this the last 3 years. Almost there🀣. How are things going on your end? Anyone have any moving advise for me?

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  • Happy to hear you are half way there, Juleigh21. Please take care and don't push yourself too hard. I hope the next 5 weeks give you a break before you move into your new home and the unpacking begins. πŸ’•

  • Thank you Tutu! My husband is terrified af a relapse. I've pushed myself hard but still didn't do what I did preMS. Cognitively and physically, I just can't. So thankful for my family!!! Not sure what would happen w/o their understanding and support.

  • Juleigh, it's Fancy1959. We moved about a year-and-a-half ago and luckily I have 3 strong young sons who came to our rescue. The main advice I can give you is to listen to your body understand your limits. When you reach your limit stop. You only hurt everyone by pushing past that and possibly collapsing. Then a lot of attention and work will be centered upon you and helping you recover instead of finishing the move. Until the move rest up as much as you can and make the most of your break. I know it's easier said than done but it will help you if you go into it rested and feeling strong. Take care of yourself and let us know how it goes. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Fancy.

  • Great advice! Thank you! The day before the move I pushed myself hard. There was so much to do. I've had 2 relaxing days now and am starting to feel better.

  • Luckily my last move we were able to take it slow and had help and family. I'm 57 and my husband is 61 and we felt ancient. Not long after moving my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and 7 months later me with MS.

  • Hey well done Juleigh, at least you have 5 weeks to rest up, make sure you do. Take care, blessings Jimeka πŸ’ 🍫

  • Juleigh21, I'm so happy you've made progress and have a little time to rest before the remainder of your move.

    My sister is always so organized, and she always recommends that before anything else, set up your bed. That way when you reach the point at which you need to stop for the day, you can simply fall (not literally) into bed. It's true that the last thing I want to do when I'm really tired is to have to set up and make the bed.

    I'll be praying your rest is restorative and that the moving in goes smoothly. I hope you won't be afraid to delegate what you need to. Let us know how it's going.

    We've had absolutely no nibbles, so we may be here quite awhile. We aren't worried, but I sure would love to have the move behind us! I don't look forward to moving during the high heat or during the fall rains.

  • I understand wanting to have the move behind you! Hopefully the right buyer is right around the cornerπŸ‘. Beds set up first.... makes sense. Thanks! Will do.

  • Praying that your buyer arrives soon. And if not, God must have something elsr in mind for you.

  • Karen-x, we thank God that He is in control! Thank you for your prayers!

  • How aweso.e that you are finished the move out!! I always feel like that is the worst part. Like everyone else said, rest now. And good luck with the next part. Remember, today is all you have to tackle.

  • Moving out is definitely the worst part! There's no time table for unpacking! So much less stress and uncertainty.

  • Oh my Goddess sister, YES, moving with the MonSter is really a challenge!!! I moved a 20 acre farm (small house, 2 barns, JD gator, & JD mower) from Ohio to PA to be closer to family after I found my farm to be too much alone... I had virtually NO help packing so many things were left (yep, still going for things I no have a year & a half later... MS for 30+ years here...).

    Needless to say, I'm now in a sweet little brick house on one acre in a little city. It's perfect because I only go downstairs to do laundry once a week, and little by little I manage the rest. My backyard abuts a golf course, I had a small fenced in area put in for my 3 dogz, and this little place suits me well. Worked out great considering I bought sight unseen by me though Mom and Sistour gave their approval!

    I admit that I still have unpacked stuff in my basement and 2nd bedroom, but I'm happy with how it all worked out. My best advise it to NOT stress about it, rest when you need to rest, and delegate to others if you've got them to help! Best advice of all? FAITH NOT FEAR that life has a way of returning to a semblance of normal sooner or later... GOOD LUCK!!!

  • ddeadred Thanks for the encouragement! What part of PA are you in? Lancaster County is where I'm at.

  • Beaver/Lawrence County--Western PA... If I'm correct, you are Eastern???

  • Yes- south eastern. South of Hershey/ Harrisburg

  • Hi ddeadred! The condo I'm buying backs up to a golf course similar to how your property sounds. I figured that was a way to have a 'back yard' without having to maintain it. I would have loved to have bought another house with a real yard but I had to finally admit to myself it would be a burden to care for. So...when I stumbled on this condo, I thought it would be a great compromise. One of the coolest things is that there is a huge old oak tree several yards behind the condo. The golf course fairway is far enough away with trees and shrubs in between it and the condo that I'm not likely to have stray golf balls hit.

  • I guess because I was leaving my 20 acre farm AND have 3 pupz with whom I could not part, I had to go with a house... It's pretty small, under 1000 square feet, and I already had the riding mower for the lawn plus the JD Gator which serves as an outdoor wheelchair... Time will tell though hope to be here long-term... I'm only the third owner of the house built in 1963--year before I was born! I've got hardwood floors throughout except bath (vinyl tile) and kitchen (bad linoleum--need to be replaced). I also have radiant heat which I LOVE! Warm & cozy with the added feature of helping me empty my bladder (LOL--hear the water filling radiators)...

    SO GREAT to "talk" to a fellow MSer who had to MOVE to accommodate the MonSter!!! xo Cj (pronounced Seejay--college name that STUCK)

  • Yeah ddeadred ...this move was to downsize but also because of this darn disease and the growing fatigue and strength problems I have. I didn't need all the space since my daughter is grown and its just me. (And the crazy cat she talked me into when she was in high school.) If I didn't have M.S. and all the issues I have with stairs and yard work, I would not have moved for some time to come. I'm not a spring chicken but the physical issues I have are primarily from M.S. not aging.

    I deliberately chose my new place with the idea that I won't have to move again for a very long time. The condo is single story with a little over 1000 sq. feet with a small patio in the back. At least I'll be able to do some container gardening! I had a green belt at the end of my back yard in the house I sold. It was one of the things I was most sad about losing. Magically, I will have a much larger 'greenbelt' behind the condo in the form of the golf course. LOL!

    That is so cool that you are only the 3rd owner in a house of that vintage!

  • Juleigh21...we are leading somewhat parallel lives! I know I've posted a bit about this already but I've been living with family for months so I could sell my 2 story house while not living there. Most of my stuff has been in storage all this time. Its been a nice break but I'm more than ready for my own place. MORE THAN READY!

    Recently I found a single story condo that I'm in the process of buying. I'm in a little bit of a state of disbelief that I'm buying a condo because I swore I'd never do that. I am.

    My plan, like some have suggested, is to set up my bed first and then take my time unpacking. I got rid of a lot of things when I packed up my house because I was expecting to downsize and I am moving in to a smaller place. I'm also going to take my friends up on their offers for help so that I'm not trying to do it all myself.

  • Is the two story sold? I think you'll like a condo. It should give you peace of mind and a long term investment. I hope it works out well for you!

  • Thanks Juleigh21! Yes...the 2 story house was sold months ago. I waited to look for something else until I had approval for long term disability.

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