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Update. Got a call today from Novartis. They got my paperwork. But, apparently you have to go through Gilenya-to-go program. I was already told NO by them. But the lady I talked to said there were many programs. Why does one person tell you no and another day they'll look into things? She also got quite upset when I told her I was taking a pill every 3 days. I told her that this was my last bottle and I was trying to push it out since no-one would help me.

She said they would send me a free bottle of Gilenya while they decide what type of help I could get.

Well, prayers half answered. Someone will look at my paperwork and give me some Gilenya.

Please keep praying for me my friends that all will go good.

Thanks. Kath55

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  • What a blessing, Kath55. I will continue to pray for you. 💕

  • Thank you tutu. Sometimes we need extra prayers being said so God hears our pleas

  • Kath55,

    Sometimes it seems that the hardest part of dealing with MS is the paperwork hassles we go through. I am relieved to know you are getting your DMT while the paperwork gets cleared up.

    I hope the reduced dose hasn't affected your MS.

    Keep us in the loop about how things are going. We will keep praying in the meantime.

  • Thank you for your prayers. I hope the process does not take too long. And, with God's help, I am doing ok with the reduced dose. Now I will take them everyday now that I know they are going to send me more.

  • Prayers go up, blessings come down, 🙏 🌈 🦋 💐

  • Very true. Thank you jimeka for your thoughts and prayers

  • Kath55, it's Fancy1959. Well praise the Lord at least someone is working on your problem in seems to be on your side. I would leave it in the right direction. Do not fret about the prayers, they continue to come your way. Hopefully the company will hear your plea and help with copay assistance. I receive copay assistance on my current therapy and also had it on my last therapy. Keep your chin up and remember persistence pays off. Thinking of you often and sending prayers your way. Please keep us informed copay assistance dilemma. Sending you a big electronic hug. Remember together we are stronger!

  • Thank you Fancy1959. I appreciate your pep talk and your prayers.

  • Baby steps are better than no steps. Prayers continue for you.

  • Very baby steps. I hope they get "adult" size steps soon. LOL !!!

    Thank you for your prayers. God hears when we all get together for the same purpose.

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